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Making healthy soup is fun and rewarding in many ways. Here are 15 nutritious soups under 200 calories… You are going love #6! Read more: 15 Nutritious Soups Under 200 Calories… 11 more words


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Celiac Disease: Gluten Intolerance

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in individuals of all ages, genetically predisposed that interferes with the absorption of nutrients in food. 180 more words


When Your Lipstick Clumps,

Do you remember the first time you looked in the mirror and realized you didn’t like what you saw?

I don’t. It seems like it was such a gradual thing; one day I just sort of noticed that I had been wearing my shorts over my bathing suit, or that I was wearing more make up than usual, or that I began to hide myself in baggy clothes. 594 more words

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Taro: tropical potato-like

Taro” is the Polynesian name of Colocasia esculenta, a plant of the family Araceae, with potato-like tubers, and rhizomes for this cultivated to extract, flour and starch. 102 more words


Chipolte Beef & Corn Salad

Salads make a great summer dinner but for me, they must be satisfying to eat and keep me full (so I don’t get the post-dinner munchies).  403 more words


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Peas Masala for masala puri


Masala puri is one of the most popular chaat/snacks in most parts of  the India. This can be easily prepared at home and make it healthier by using… 291 more words


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