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progress ...

Since recommitting to healthier eating and more exercise on March 31, my pants fit better, I feel stronger and leaner, and I’m down 6.6 pounds. On my frame, that’s pretty nice. 337 more words

Forever 21+ is a joke

Hi guys! I’m Elaine and I am fat. When I started this blog, the idea was to write about makeup and body positive stuff (Flabs Rule the World, get it? 411 more words


Your Body is Home

This is for the running enthusiasts, the calorie counters, the be fit, eat right lovers out there. And if you’re none of these, this is still important and still empowering. 807 more words

What The Scale Won't Tell You

The scale won’t tell you that I went grocery shopping on Friday to set myself up for success.

The scale won’t tell you that I came home from a long day of work on Friday and went for a run and was able to run up one of the hills that always leaves me panting and walking up it. 364 more words

Weight Loss

Curvy Yoga and the Cultural Revolution

Back to this blog again after a hiatus, I am still thinking about work.  Still working at the disability center, still writing, teaching one yoga class.  489 more words


Medically Induced Swole Shame [TRIGGER WARNING]

I was swole shamed by a doctor this week, mocked and humiliated by him in front of my peers, simply because of his hatred for mid-bulk, able-bodied people like myself. 1,384 more words


Night swimming

Ever since the five star destination spa experience, I’ve been going to the pool—a lot. As a card-carrying Virgo who usually likes to have my feet firmly planted on the earth, this willingness to submerge myself in water is unusual. 487 more words