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Friendship February: Photoshoot and Kylie Jenner Lips Inspired

I was fortunate to work with a new photographer Trent Shaw. Poor soul traveled around with me around the city taking pictures on a freezing December day. 89 more words


Fake It 'Til You Make It

I’ve been a thinking a lot about this phrase lately and I think there’s a reason we’ve all heard it before – because it works. 1,007 more words


Where am I?

Every now and then, I feel it’s helpful to reflect on life, recovery, and areas in both which have improved, or still need work on. 866 more words


Fat is the new thin...or is it still just fat?

‘Health should be a personal choice for somebody’. The words of Tess Holliday, the first plus sized model to be signed to an elite model agency this week as she gives an interview on CNN. 623 more words


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My response to "when north meets south's" Rant " Fat is the new thin…or is it still just fat? So what you’re saying is that overweight or obese women should be criticised for “promoting” an unhealthy body image, but praising and glorifying walking corpses which the majority of the “normal” models look like is ok, despite the fact that they make the choice to starve themselves, over exercise and get plastic surgery to look the way they do? You are right in that Tess does not represent a “normal” size person but neither do the starved models that society doesn't seem to have a problem with. They are on the extreme end of the skinny spectrum just as Tess is on the extreme end of the plus size spectrum. If you have an issue with unhealthy body images then take a look at the unhealthy bodies of the models that the media, entertainment and fashion industries try to make us all believe is normal. They are far from normal… Normal comes easy, it comes without effort. If you need to starve yourself and get plastic surgery to look normal then you have a pretty warped view of what normal is. Obesity is a complex issue and is not as simple as “i eat too much therefore I am fat”. If it were then how do you explain skinny people who have really bad diets, don’t exercise and yet don’t get fat… ever? You can’t. Scientists are still trying to figure it all out. Plus size people need to live normal lives too, they need to feel like a normal part of society, they need to feel love and respect and they need to feel worthy, just as any human being does. That is why Tess is a positive image not only in the plus size fashion world but the fashion world in general.

Being a Body Conscious Feminist

I currently work as a residential counselor at an inpatient unit for eating disorder recovery, which I will henceforth refer to as “the center”.  I’m approaching my anniversary with the center, and this job still throws me curves that keep me vacillating between feeling confident and competent, and feeling like a first year psychology student.   919 more words

Fat and Back

I meant to write about this yesterday. I got busy. So busy I ate salad for dinner out of a mixing bowl.

Then I zoned out in front of TLC again. 395 more words

Snow Day

Today was a snow day…

And I thought I was going to enjoy the alone time, but too much alone time can drive you nuts, especially when you’re feeling a little down.   303 more words