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Here we go..... A blogging we will go!

OMG…. I’m gonna try this again. I’m not great at blogging, so if this sounds crazy, I pray it gets better as time progresses and of course when I don’t have to blog on my iPhone. 578 more words

Black Women Working Out

Hey there,

It’s Christina. So I just declared a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and I could not be more excited. I took my first intro class this semester, loved everything about it, and just finished writing my final paper for the course (which means the class is over…something I am not ready to fully face yet.) Though the paper is rather formal, I thought I would share it here anyways. 1,683 more words


Roadside Assistance —

The following review is based on a review copy of the book I received from the author.

Tom Cochrane was right: life is a highway. And so is the journey to self-acceptance. 924 more words

Word-Lovin' Wednesday

dr deah reblogged this on drdeahstastymorsels and commented:

I am so honored by this review written by Atchka for the FFF website. Thank you for really "getting" the essence of the book and sharing it with those who are fortunate enough to "stumbleupon" it on their journey! Warmly, Dr. Deah

What Are Big Girls Made Of?

I recently came across Marge Piercy’s 1997 poem What Are Big Girls Made Of? The whole poem is well worth the read, but I found the conclusion particularly compelling: 111 more words

Weight Stigma

We Are Not Smarter Than Hunger

So this video came across my Tumblr dash, and it triggered a rant.

Basically, the gist is this: a researcher fed volunteers milkshakes.  One group got milkshakes that were labeled as low-calorie.  1,550 more words

Eating Disorder

The Shape of Your Body

Simply, I had to share this story because of its unique content compared to our usual discussions in The Body Project. She shares something to which I think many people would relate, but haven’t necessarily spoken up about. 866 more words

Implant Witch Hunt

The Kardashians never fail to remain in the spotlight, but their most recent headline has made me pause. Kylie Jenner has been accused of getting breast implants.  606 more words

Body Acceptance