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10 Happy Triggers for Self-love and Self-care

I know you’ve seen these lists before, and you might be thinking, “Blah, blah, blah…she thinks she has a cure for the blues.” But that’s not my intent for this list. 1,059 more words

The art of being fat and how to be proud of it

I have to admit.  I’ve always had a “body” issue. Meaning that like thousands of other women, I have disliked the way I look for years. 393 more words

Fat, but not people.

You eat a cookie, and that makes you FAT.

You’re full after a meal, and you’re such a FATty.

You feel FAT, meaning you feel gross. 943 more words

Transgender Children and Being Terribly Politically Incorrect

Recently, the issue of transgender children has been highlighted across socia media outlets, thanks to stories such as this one, where in a family embraces the idea that their 7 year old daughter is really a boy: 1,417 more words


Praying Away the Fat

I could not count the number of times in my life I prayed against the fat on my body, hoping for some divine intervention that would somehow make my efforts work and the flesh melt away. 1,005 more words


Life after an eating disorder

I love finally being ok with the skin I am in. It is so liberating.

I love being able to look down at my protruding tummy and still smile. 109 more words

Eating Disorder