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"It's Not About Food" extract

“We are writing this book to say there is another way. True recovery, going beyond hunger, is not a process of abstaining but of developing a self-assurance so that you choose what is best for your own unique body.  

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Intuitive Eating

I Ain't Got Nine Lives...

I am a perpetual day dreamer.
I have a mind that can create some of the most incredible, fantastical realms and stories, keeping me in that deliciously warm pseudo-sleep zone for hours on a Saturday morning. 520 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge- Day 11- Your Body & How Comfortable You Are With It

Being sick has caused me to have an immense amount of respect for my body. I can’t care anymore that I have a large tummy and no butt. 227 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

This Week in Faith & Fatness, vol. 2

Here’s a couple things on faith and fatness that I ran across this past week.   Find something fabulous or frown-worthy you think I should see? Leave a comment, use the… 227 more words

Privileging Around

This is a nicely precise discussion of Thin Privilege and its relationship to sexism:


This lists specific examples thereof:


The article made me think of the extent to which the obscene and constant media/cultural conversation about women’s bodies is part of the, for lack of a better word, conspiracy to keep women so focused on their bodies that they forget to think about their brains/abilities/goals/self-respect. 1,054 more words


"You want to get... bigger?"

Well… not exactly. But exactly. But not exactly.

I’m never going to be tiny. Now, that isn’t an excuse for “not working hard” or “being lazy”, it’s fact: 414 more words


fat girl

Fat Girl; A True Story is the title of one of the most important books I’ve ever read, a memoir by writer Judith Moore. I think what struck me the most was her honesty and her daring to truly be herself in delivering her story of a heartbreakingly difficult childhood and a not so easy life as an adult who was overweight. 659 more words

Body Image