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We’re linked together intrinsically. You are me, and I’m… well, I’m confused. For as long as I remember, you’ve been my worst enemy, the barrier that stood between me and happiness, between me and life, love, laughter. 911 more words


Flaws in Photos (NSFW)

This post is about body love and work toward improving how I view my body- which hopefully resonates with some other folks too and maybe encourages others. 697 more words

Body Image

Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Big Girl At The Gym

As I sat on the mat, Lycra-ed legs, sports bra-wrapped boobs, I looked around and immediately noticed it: I’m the only overweight person here.

It’s funny how you can work yourself up for a great workout class, and immediately become deflated the moment you step in the room. 630 more words


Stop looking at "Fitspiration" and start embracing your body

“Fitspiration” short for fitness inspiration, is a collection of pictures and quotes used to motivate us with the use of images of toned physiques and quotes boasted to inspire change. 262 more words

Body Acceptance

Day 15: Daily December Challenge

Everyday I wake up and allow myself to connect with that part of me that is truly passionate about life. Finally being able to blog about the things that interest me has been my saving grace. 128 more words

Daily Motivation

It's a Tall Thing...

I haven’t shared much about my height as of yet. Actually, I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it at all, other than the fact that I’ve dubbed myself “Curious Tall Girl.” 1,179 more words

Growing Up