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It's actually not all about that bass

So everyone is into this catchy new song by Meghan Trainor. You’ve probably heard it. It’s called “All About The Bass”, and I have to admit that it is pretty catchy in terms of the tune. 649 more words

Body Acceptance

I pretty much maintained my weight for 6 weeks. That'll do

I still have 3 odd stone to lose, at least in my head that’s my lose, distant, where I want to be, type goal.  It’s certainly been a slow progress, and I’m not going to win any prizes for extreme weight loss (thank goodness!).   828 more words

Body Acceptance

Rise and Grind

I don’t know if there’s anything more sacred than sleep to me. Honestly. I religiously go to bed at around the same time every night and make sure to get at least 7.5 hours of beauty sleep. 362 more words


Are Bloggers Feeling the 'Photoshop Pressure?'

The correlation between advertisements and body image has been an issue so long as advertisements have existed. Whether you’re being told that your body isn’t thin enough from an ad from the 50’s, or in the discrete form of skinny models repeatedly displayed in storefront windows. 346 more words


Drawing movement brings me Light

I’ve been hibernating for months now., I haven’t fed my blog,  written, danced, or even moved much (as in exercise)… but I’m still alive and I still need to draw dancing bodies, and also to dance myself. 512 more words

Art Therapy

A Rendezvous with God

It was a watershed moment on the beach years ago when I realized that living in constant misery about the shape of my body was, in fact, far worse and life depleting than any number on the scale ever could be. 716 more words


One for the bucket list

A day where I where I can just be in my body without worrying about it – how to clothe it, what to feed it, how it looks, how it’s let me down, what I want to change, how it is seen or perceived by others. 7 more words