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The "Too Thin" Mannequin

A few days ago a woman named Mel Fraser noticed the mannequin pictured above while passing by a UK fashion store, Primark. She tweeted a photo of the mannequin with the following: … 295 more words

Will I Love My Body or Hate My Body?

I attended an event last night that excited and empowered me like very few events have. Jes Baker (creator of The Militant Baker blog and many other amazing things) gave a talk at… 1,062 more words


Seeing the hidden beauty in each of us

I am working very hard at learning to love all of myself, a process that reminds me of peeling an onion. I pull off one layer, and uncover another, but I’m absolutely sure that each layer brings me closer to peace with myself. 577 more words

Body Image

Should You Be Eating That?

Yesterday, there was an article on HuffPost about strangers who make comments or rude noises to women who eat in public and how it’s “the insidious type of street harassment no one is talking about. 778 more words

Does Our Society Expect Women to Apologize For Being Fit & Healthy?

Our media has been accepting more and more the idea that if a woman is fit, then she must have an unhealthy obsession with looks, weight, or exercise.  1,583 more words


Being at peace with myself is not found in achieving the “perfect” body size. It’s found in loving my body as it is.

Trying to lose weight does result in a feeling of achievement, but it also results in a lack of energy, dizziness, increases my emotional vulnerability, confines me within a bunch of rules and restrictions, makes me feel an added pressure of making sure my weight keeps decreasing, reduces my freedom to hang out with friends for fear of food, etc. 42 more words

Ed Recovery

Round Rambles

In case you missed it, too, there’s this piece from Slate that makes happy hash of the idea of extremely restricted fad diets:


Which reminds me that I have recently seen a meme that will, no doubt, show up on tees any second now (if it hasn’t already): “Nothing feels as good as chocolate tastes.” The Slate.com piece features a picture of Artful Dodger juxtaposed with one of Kate Moss, who (in)famously pronounced a number of years ago that “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” That, I think, may be the u-thinspiration, so we really don’t need to cover what I think of it, or of a woman who somewhat famously controlled her own appetite for food for years by replacing nutrition with cocaine (though I believe she’s been both clean and thin for a good long time.) Well, okay, it does raise a couple of questions: How would someone who’s never not been thin know that nothing tastes better than thin feels? 883 more words