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J.E. ...Where have you been?

I love how some of my favorite old school R&B and soul classics are coming back strong. They are older now, but sexy as ever and their unique talent I have missed. 244 more words

Body And Mind

Thief of Breath

Thief of breath. Come take it all. Don’t leave behind my misery. Look into my eyes. Feel me one last time before you set me free. 55 more words

Body And Mind

Supplement Review: Munchable Cordyceps

Cordyceps Munchable

Cordyceps is a mushroom. The wild variety used in herbalism grows in very high mountains, primarily in Asia. The most famous, Di Tao source of wild Cordyceps is the Himalayas. 2,914 more words


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Hummmm.... I have never heard of these, but this is a great writeup by Bianco. He actually takes the time to cite the piece. Research suggests that there are several good reasons to use these mushrooms as a supplement. Maybe I'll try and track some down this weekend. ~~~Felicia

January journal

I am sick again, for the second time in a month. Something in the cold/flu family, again, but not the same thing; the symptoms are markedly different. 636 more words


Things that take your fancy

It’s been one of those frantic days when you don’t even have time to think or plan what you are doing. You are just doing. 203 more words