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A life without Ritalin - ‘It’s just not possible in this society’: Dutch students' attitudes towards prescription stimulants use, abuse and misuse

By Marte Ydema

Ritalin is a prescription stimulant drug developed for treating attention disorders like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), but it is increasingly used by students for studying purposes. 5,453 more words

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Chasing 405

I started working out at 16. The gym was a decrepit shack with one hanging lightbulb overlooking the pool. The machines were so rusty cable rows would get stuck midway. 575 more words


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Awesome....inspirational post Ashton!! Keep chasing...one day, it will not be a dream anymore!! ~~~Felicia

Power vs Rodrigues set for 25 October

Shana Power and Iris Rodrigues in a fight that promises to have fans on the edge of their seats.

Fightstar 9 welcomes back Namibian athlete Iris Rodrigues to face off against Shana Power on the 25th of October. 165 more words


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The results are in from the Scottish Independence Referendum!

The results are in: the Scottish population have decided that it’s better to stay as a United Kingdom. There are advantages to remaining part of the UK and I believe that’s what the majority of the Scottish population (that is, 55.3% – or 2,001,926 people – of the Scottish population) voted No. 680 more words

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94ish Awesomeness

I am always so inspired when I see this man coming in and out of the gym. He uses a walker. With his personal trainer (Russ) on one side and his caretaker the endurance athlete (Brent) on the other, Ed makes his way into the weight room. 109 more words

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The SAD Diet in Numbers

Not so good news about the Standard American Diet.  No wonder we are getting fatter and less healthy than in past decades. Will it ever turn around?  74 more words


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It is sad that SAD makes people sick, overweight and lazy, not to mention unable to grow muscle. #wholefoods ~~~F