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"No Matter What..."

‘aurorastone23′ wrote: “My Daily reminder…

…No matter what life throws at you, Always show Love, Kindness and Compassion towards yourself and others.”


Is Ink the New Black?

In the last decade, and more and more in the last few years, a considerable increase of tattoos in the fashion industry has occurred. Models, designers, bloggers, singers, It-girls are now all sporting ink. 193 more words


Shooting Stars

Stop waiting around for a shooting star and go make your own, so you can really be sure your wishes come true.


Tattoos! yay or nay?

Thinking about getting this tattoo on my rib/back area.



it won’t be huge. I’m thinking slightly bigger than this wrist one I saw on instagram.

Eternal Art: Tattoos, Expression of One's Self or Fashion Statement

For a few years now I’ve been struggling to figure out what kind of tattoo I wanted. I knew I didn’t want a simple tattoo that has no meaning to my life, or something I’d regret as I get older, so thanks to my girl and fellow art lover, Hanic (who inspired this article by the way),  I looked into why I wanted one and what it would mean for me. 508 more words

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Pretty Painted People

It’s turned out to be a body art kind of week.