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So today was another meeting day at work and the boss bought us lunch … Subway sandwiches.  Now I haven’t had one of those in a very long time, and they did look yummy so I indulged.  196 more words


Oh My Goodness … I am SO excited!

ViSalus Sciences is wanting to LAUNCH here in Reno!

You don’t have to live here to participate … and if you or anyone you know is looking to make some extra pocket change every month … or looking for a new business opportunity with the goal of creating your own little empire for yourself, your kids and grandkids … 44 more words


This shake is promoted as the “shake that tastes like a cake” and believe me … it’s delicious!

I use non-sweetened/non-flavored almond milk and/or coconut milk to make my shakes because I am totally lactose intolerant.  114 more words

Does Herbalife, Beach Body, Body by VI, etc. work for you??

Are there any peoples out there that are somewhat skeptical of all the multi-level marketing health gimmicks out there? I am not saying they are scams by any means, just wondering their validity with the masses. 250 more words


In case last weeks post didn't emphasize it enough

I’ve done something I’ve never done before: I posted a bathing suit pic on social media.

It’s kind of a copout because I used Instagram filters to make me look less white. 456 more words