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3 Ways To Increase Your Energy!

You’re tired… In fact you’re sick and tired of feeling tired. You barely have enough energy to get through your day and people are making additional demands. 436 more words

5 Ways To Get Your 5 A Day

You wake up and commit yourself to having your 5 a day. You’ve done the vegetable shop so there’s no excuse and yet by the end of the day you are lucky if you’ve managed 1 a day much less 5… It happens, I know, been there and got the t-shirt! 663 more words

Day ...#8...is it?

I don’t know where my head is today.  I left it in a haze of headaches and marshmallow beds.  I promptly walked out the door this morning without any breakfast or any signs of packing and planning for the day.  199 more words

Almond Milk

Day 7

Today is a hole in the universe.  I’m in pain, and all I want to do is sleep.  I didn’t do very well with anything today, and eating was a challenge.  54 more words

Almond Milk

Day 6

Today…was a day when I probably needed more calories.  I was still pretty quirked out from yesterday’s meds.  BUT!  Super exciting update!  Today is weigh-in day! 68 more words

Almond Milk

Day 3


Berry Breakfast Smoothie


Peanut Vanilla Vi Shake


Help, I’m Hungry Shake

Not much to report today, feeling okay….and getting used to this shake thing!

Almond Milk

Berry Smoothie Vi Shake

This is a fan-frickin-tastic way to start your day.  It’s packed with protein and a few carbs to help starve off hunger throughout the morning.  This has been my go-to morning shake and has been starting off my days during #supershakeme… 80 more words