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The Most Anabolic Androgenic Exercises

My father, and his father for that matter, are the manliest men I have ever knew.  I know every boy probably has probably thought that at one point in their life, but it still holds true today even in my 30’s. 763 more words


KMA (kick my ass) Workout

If you need a good ass kicking, give this workout a try — I think it just might do the trick.


Why Standing Desks and Walking Meeting are Here to Stay

Take a look at this interesting article. I have been telling my athletes and clients for quite some time that sitting, while sometimes necessary, will kill you if it becomes or already is your default position. 21 more words

Gregg Seltzer

Finding motivation in fat facts- Bringing Sexy Back!

When Paula Beckton was selected as a contestant on Channel 7’s Bringing Sexy Back, she weighed 101 kilograms. However, Paula had convinced herself that the figure was only a number. 693 more words

Body Fat %

Energy Systems Course

The trainers here at Storm believe that constant education is vital to being a great PT. If you ever think you know it all, you’ll stagnate and the results your clients get will do just the same. 354 more words

Equal but Different: The Farcical Double Standard for Women in the Military

We live in an age where the push for equal opportunity in this nation has crossed the line of fair and down right absurd. I don’t understand how and when it became “sexist” to say that men are physically stronger than women. 340 more words

A Recipe to Change Body Composition

Earlier this semester we taught you about what body composition is, why it is an important predictor of overall health, and how to assess what your body fat percentage is. 625 more words