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Why The Food Pyramid, Like All Pyramids, is a Vehicle to the Afterlife (Part 1)

This will not be a typical series of articles on “dieting.” We’ve all read that garbage before. Few doctors, despite their qualifications, have been able to make dieting advice “real” enough to believe, let alone follow. 786 more words

Blood Pressure

Work for It!!!

The fall is the perfect time to buckle down, get serious, and get into shape. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! This is my favorite time of the year! 106 more words


Reverse Dieting: The Diet That Nobody Is Doing

The clouds and rain appear, the dark nights draw closer, and it is officially the end of summer, meaning that your summer fat loss plan is over. 1,869 more words


"Strive for Progress, not for Perfection."

The results from my first five weeks of training are IN! And I’m pretty stoked! I felt like I was getting leaner, but seeing the result in numbers is very motivating. 502 more words


How Not To Be Skinny Fat

In this video blog, Mike Matthews founder of Muscle for Life and best selling author of several fitness books, explains what skinny fat is, how a person gets skinny fat and how to not be skinny fat. 15 more words


"You don't make friends with salad" - my experience with vegetarianism and body composition

I want to share what I have learnt about the relationship between vegetarianism and body composition. This is a subject close to my heart, as I was a vegetarian for 8 years. 866 more words


American Society of Clinical Oncology Position Statement on Obesity and Cancer

Very important policy position from the American Society of Clinical Oncology on the role of obesity in elevating cancer risk. The best way to keep yourself out of an oncologist’s office is to build and sustain fitness and pursue weight loss to the extent that you can. 11 more words