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The Basic Principles of Holistic Medicine

You are probably pretty familiar with holistic medicine. I’m sure it’s been mentioned on Dr. Oz or Oprah. It’s a well-known concept here in “the Western World”. 559 more words


Client Progress: Alex Juneau

Alex Juneau,

CFL Redblacks and uOttawa Cheerleader in her 3rd year of studies in Health Sciences

First time working with her in March 2014 she demonstrated a solid strength and fitness foundation. 165 more words

Strength Training

Suffering from Belly Bulge?

I’m sure some of you can relate but I was one of those kids at school that was referred to as skinny! Try as I might but no matter how much I ate (and I ate a lot!) I could not gain weight. 378 more words


Oldie but a goodie: The Ab Wheel

We all must have seen this device in our parent’s bedroom as a child and wondered what the hell it is and what it does. The Ab wheel looks innocent enough but don’t be fooled! 241 more words


Interested in losing fat, ladies?

This is a recommendation for ladies unsure about how to change their body composition.

Most women these days want to be lean and not build muscle. 441 more words

Shock The Body: Body Building

Coffee Buzz

People often ask me my opinion on coffee.  Of course my answer on whether or not it is good for you is…it depends!  First, what kind of coffee are you consuming (yes, I am talking to those of you who drink frappuccinos)?   454 more words


If I weigh 99 pounds and eat a pound Of Nachos, am I 1% Nacho?

Answer: Depends, because at the end of that bathroom trip you could be 95 lbs…

For a real answer, watch the youtube video (3:06) 43 more words