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VIP Training Log - Cara Wk2

This week, Cara discovered the pros and cons of trying to break a sugar addiction. The pros involve an instant change in scale weight (although a significant portion of this will be water); the cons involve headaches and feeling miserable. 344 more words


eNRG Performance update: 8 weeks into changing a few things up! A Positive Experience

Life and food before eNRG:

It was short before Thanksgiving.

My daily eating routines were scattered all throughout the day. I never truly felt full after my meals, and I was always wondering what my next healthy food source would be. 1,465 more words


Testosterone Supplementation produces Truthfulness in Men!

Really?! I can hear you say! And, you’re not alone! It is indeed sad that testosterone – especially when used as a steroidal supplement – has been maligned beyond belief. 1,049 more words


Handy Resources for Healthy Eating from Team Mottl

Through the course of running several 6 Week Nutrition Challenges over the past several years, we developed several guides that you might find handy, which I have linked below for ease. 667 more words


What's magic and comes in a bottle? Nope, not wine. But close.

This magic potion makes the following claims:

  • Speeds up metabolism and weight loss
  • Whitens teeth
  • Clears up the skin
  • Makes for shiny hair
  • Heals a sore throat…
  • 48 more words
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Do I need to build a “strength base” before focusing on appearance?

Over the last decade, sports like powerlifting and Crossfit have gained popularity within physical culture. On the whole, I think these barbell sports have had a positive influence, despite the latter being accused of promoting bad technique and injuries (that really depends on who’s coaching). 1,198 more words


Welcome to FUEL in 2015!

Well, it’s already mid-January in the new year, and we’ve just returned from an extended break for the holidays.  While we haven’t been posting new articles over the holidays, lots has been going on in the background as we prepare… 1,787 more words

Body Composition