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Part 2 - The Weigh In Reality Check

So yesterday I unloaded my disappointment in my DXA scan results and the fact that it showed me with 38% body fat.  Almost immediately after that appointment, I went several blocks down the street for my weigh-in appointment with Dr. 1,127 more words

The Role and Basic Application of Dietary Protein for Body Composition

Protein, carbohydrates and fats are the macro-nutrients and they are primarily what is determined following the estimation of total energy (calories) needs. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for the body, especially for active individuals. 989 more words


Depressing DEXA

I realized early last week that my weigh-in appointment was rapidly approaching.  At my last visit, I was yet again complaining to Dr. Z about how I would like to increase my lean muscle and reduce my fat percentage … blah blah blah.   1,575 more words


FUEL Like a Pro: Diets Suck - Learn to Eat Well and Ignore All the Diet Hype

There is too much junk science out there today about body fat and being lean –  so much that the subject has become truly bewildering to most folks.   1,586 more words

Body Composition

Body compostition with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

This is a fast and simple method to find out our body composition.
Body Fat%
Muscle mass – whole body or parts of out body… 175 more words


The more I sweat the more fit I am?

Not true! Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism for cooling down, when we get hot our body pushes moisture to the skins surface to evaporate. This is a natural phenomenon and has nothing to do with your fitness level! 238 more words

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