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Body Goals

Being a transgender woman comes with a constant struggle when it comes to body consciousness. Well, at least it is a struggle for me. 

As I sit here writing this post, I undoubtedly look like your typical 26 year old stocky, masculine man. 1,142 more words

Stop posting about your diets, please

If you’re not tweeting about your weight loss, posting statuses about the gym on Facebook and uploading before and after pics of your bod to Instagram –  367 more words

Food For Thought

Blog Mandate

This is a project I’ve been wanting to start for a while now. So hello wordpress! My name is Emma and I’m the new fashion blogger on the (web) block. 114 more words


"News You Can't Possibly Use" - Where I'm from it's called Big-Boned

Most of us live in image-conscious societies and currently, “thin is in”. Well actually, it’s been “in” for a consecutive number of years.


Down here, some men will tell you that they like a little meat on the bones, and my more generously endowed sisters will get their share of catcalls and whistles – which when I was younger I considered a compliment, but at this age, I consider an annoyance. 397 more words

Caribbean Life

The "Revenge Body" in the Media: Caroline Wozniacki

It’s been interesting to see the “revenge body” situating itself in the media as a phenomenon aiding women in fashioning resilience. The “revenge body” has become a recipe for resilience, incorporating celebrities as allegorical figures who have overcome their emotional struggles by sourcing their bodies and their dress as a defense tool to avenge psychological upset  80 more words