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Personal training: my prize for body fat

For suffering through a body fat percentage test as I was exiting the health club last week, I received the consolation prize (and the motivation to accept it): an hour of personal training. 1,150 more words


Measuring Truth

I’ve had my reservations about this TV series (and others like it) since the first time I saw it. Besides the apparent and allegations of abuse that the contestants talk about, the emphasis on and requirement of quick results, speed weight loss, and the constant use of the scale to measure results without giving any mention or thought of other modes of measurements or life after the show baffles me. 137 more words


How to Motivate Your Self at the Gym

It’s January and gyms have become swamped with out of shape hopeless souls who have gone through their annual I want to get fit and healthy fantasy.   706 more words


Measure 1

Here’s this month’s measurement check in. Body fat percentage 27.9%. I don’t love that number, but I’m hoping it won’t be around long anyway.

Weight Loss

My Body Fat % is down 2.1% !!!

My body fat % has dropped 2.1 % since my last measurement.

When I first started at my gym it was 41.5%, the next time it was 39.5% and today it was 37.4%! 480 more words

What the Diet and Weight Loss Industry does not want you to know!!

Usually I hate tag lines like the name for this post. Typically such a tagline wants people to believe that there is some big secret to weight loss or some magic pill that will automatically have you losing weight without lifting a finger or changing how you eat (both lies of course). 812 more words


Last Day to Play

Today is the last day before my 90-day challenge begins tomorrow. The 60-day competition begins on the 24th but I’m going to have a 12 day jump on that one. 164 more words