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How many players in the NFL are on drugs?

Five years ago I read an article from Lyle McDonald, What’s My Genetic Muscular Potential? It illustrated what realistic expectations, and limitations, are for body composition.  4,237 more words


Sleeping with the Enemy

Well, this article is not about your partner, and how to get rid of him/her. But it’s about how to get your sleep pattern straight and become more functional, active and healthier. 334 more words


Fasting and Feasting - in the name of God

We first revered the Father (Shiva), then indulged the Son (Ganpati) and now as we dance and rejoice we pay our respects to the Mother (Shakti) during Navratra or Navratri. 545 more words

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Who Listens To The Mediocre Personal Trainer?

Hi there.  

This is the re-booting of my body.  The re-start.

Since I’ve moved to another part of the city and been caught up in a few commitments, my commitment to my personal training business has wavered.   281 more words

Random Thoughts on Fat Loss

Some of my random thoughts after training a bunch of fat loss clients -

1. If you weigh 125 kgs, don’t expect to “get” a beach body in 3 months. 443 more words

Fat Loss

The Negatives of Bulking

How to optimize your eating to aid you in gaining the results you want from your workouts.

For years I thought to myself, why on earth do bodybuilder’s ‘bulk’ up. 1,694 more words


Useful Tables for Tracking Health Parameters: BMI, Body Fat %, and More

Useful Tables for Tracking Health Parameters: BMI, Body Fat %, and More

The following are useful tables for personal trainers and those interested in tracking health parameters. 809 more words

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