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1RM Breakdown

16 April 2014

To find percentages of your 1RM:

  • 1RM x .00% = Load
  • Example: 35% of 225 is expressed this way: 225 x .35 = 78.75…
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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...

… is still a step forward. Aka, progress.

It’s human nature to dwell on the negatives instead of the positives, to stress over the hardships in life rather than savoring the triumphs and joys. 1,083 more words


If Fat = Fat, does Skinny = Fit?

If you have already read my last post - Let’s find out your body fat percentage (go now if not ), you should have a pretty good picture of what is fit and what is fat by now. 292 more words

Get Fit Or Get Fat

Body Fat Reality Check

So I applied and was chosen for a 8 week local weight loss/fitness challenge with Kin’s Market in association with the BC Cancer Society. I was so excited to be chosen, for a few reasons.   300 more words

A BioSignature Journey: The End

Well here I am, at the end of my BioSignature journey, end of my challenge to becoming a better, leaner, fitter and healthier me :) going back to when I started, that was my goal. 1,105 more words


Do-It-Yourself: Almond Milk (Rounds 3&4)

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been on my blogging grind lately… but that’s what happens during vacation! I’ll work on formulating a post so you know how my trip was, but until then… 388 more words


Eat Lots. Workout Hard. Keep It Natural.

I’ve had people ask me what my workout / nutrition / supplement routine consists of, so I figured I would write a general overview. I won’t get super specific, because that would be the longest article ever. 903 more words