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All the hair, or lack there of

Ok. I keep seeing all these posts about how hair removal is unnecessary, then these articles encourage me to join the movement and say, “fuck the patriarchy” and stop removing hair. 406 more words


I had this brilliant idea a few weeks ago. I am not totally sure where this idea came from. I really don’t know where most of my ideas come from. 942 more words

Taking the Plunge

So today I actually wore a t-shirt out and about, one without proper sleeves. You know the type where your armpits hang out a little, but there are cap sleeves on the top? 202 more words

Body Hair

No Shave November

“No Shave November” has become a trend where guys do not shave for the entire month of November, growing their victorious beards and basking in their masculinity. 229 more words

Spontaneous and Mediocre Ode* to Fuzzy Legs

All my days

you have carried me to

new places, new adventures.

Your strength makes me wonder, makes me proud,

for what can’t we do! 20 more words

Body Hair

Negroids: A Primitive Race?

It has been claimed repeatedly that Negroids are in terms of homonization level behind Europids(Caucasoids) and Mongolids. This is often justified in terms of their cranial capacity and non-orthognathic jaw shape. 790 more words

Hair, Hormones, and My Road to Femininity

Ever since I was a very young girl I’ve been teased about the hair on my body and how it wasn’t socially acceptable. I can remember this one specific kid taunting me about it up until 7th grade, telling me while we were in a crowd of peers that I have a “mustache” or about my “unibrow”. 566 more words