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Internet survey sheds light on how Japanese women deal with the hair 'down there'

Different cultures have different norms regarding the acceptability of body hair. For example, in many countries of the world, women are largely expected to shave their legs and underarm hair when going out in public. 628 more words


On the wind in my leg hair

Dear Dad,

Today I wore a skirt to work. I sashayed around the office, parking lot and park I visited on my break, all the while marveling a little at the sensation of the wind in my hair. 359 more words


What's in the heel: budding trend on body hair and feminism

Recently I read a post on Thought Catalog written by a girl who held herself to high standards because she doesn’t remove her body hair, specifically from the area of her nether regions. 595 more words


Politisk kroppshår

Hvordan har vi kommet til 2014 uten at kvinner er komfortable med hår som vokser ut av deres egen hud?

Det finnes mange negative stereotyper knyttet til kvinner med hår på kroppen. 283 more words


Effing Hair! (Written February, 2007)

I’ve reposted this one because I’m slightly amused by how very offended I was, but also because it’s surprisingly still topical. My friend’s daughter wanted a funky, short hair cut and several hair-dressers refused to do it. 392 more words


Another day, another dollar

Halla. Denne uka fikk jeg meg jobb, som betyr mindre sosialitet+blogging+sløving. Det har vært slitsomt og forvirrende, men det er jo givende og jeg sover bedre. 183 more words


Body Hair

Yes I have an opinion about hair although it’s a split opinion. I love the soft fluffy fur that graces a woman’s arms or upper legs. 217 more words