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Waxing Versus Shaving

Last night, I shaved.

I feel so ashamed to admit it, but my smooth skin says otherwise.

To understand why I’m upset, you have to understand that for the last two years, I have spent thousands of dollars to try and get myself to the perfect hairless standard I have set for myself. 412 more words


Female Pervert (2014)

Review first published by Vérité

“It’s not weird,” says Phoebe (Jennifer Kim) in the opening scene of Jiyoung Lee’s Female Pervert. “It’ll be really fun.” 495 more words

It's okay not to shave

Dear Dad,

As a woman who has been razor-free for six-ish months now (and almost two years on my armpits) I get pretty upset when I hear the same old tired myths about shaving repeated over and over again. 369 more words


Body Hair

Alright, here we go with this topic. This shouldn’t even have to be said but women grow body hair and… wait for it …. it’s natural!!!! 396 more words

January 18

**DISCLAIMER: THIS POST IS RATED R for mention of sex and body hair. If you are not ready for this post, please do not read it** 1,079 more words

Why Male Feminists Should Accept Body Hair on Women

“Sure, I’m a feminist. But I just can’t be okay with it. I just can’t handle body hair or a moustache. It’s just a personal preference,” he said with a shrug. 945 more words