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Momentary Panic

Ok, so for all of my brave talk about ‘loving body hair’ and blah blah blah actually I still get quite anxious about it all sometimes. 268 more words

Body Hair

Body Hair

This is a topic that has been bugging me and I get a lot of shit for this and my mom strongly disagrees with me on this. 185 more words


Picture Proof

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I quite enjoy talking about body hair. As soon as I become vaguely comfortable with someone (and let’s face it, often before) the topic is likely to come up. 221 more words

Body Hair

Wind it Back

So I realise that I’ve just started smack bang in the middle of this hair-growing journey and haven’t given much background to how it all started. 413 more words

Hair Removal

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

What’s the funniest thing in the world? The Pope doing the ice-bucket challenge? A dog skateboarding in the middle of the freeway? England’s latest football performance? 904 more words


Just call me Morty, but my name is Sally!

Ok, what is going on with my body? I swear I’m turning into an old man, but I’m a middle aged woman! WTH??? I have hair growing in weird places. 269 more words

Aging With Style

The Harshest Critics

Now I don’t know if I was imagining it (because sometimes I do), but today at the train station I was standing near a group of teenage looking girls when one of them looked at my legs. 368 more words

Body Hair