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What can I do about my body hair? I'm ashamed of going swimming

Hello Bebe

I’m thirteen and I live with my dad. He’s generally great, but he’s also a bit clueless, when it comes to some things anyway. 991 more words


Pit Hair.

I was sitting in the kitchen earlier with Mom helping her make jello shots for tonight. The TV was on in the background and The Talk was on. 231 more words


Did Victorians have hairy underarms?

Should I warn you to keep the rank goat out of your armpits,

Warn you to keep your legs free of coarse bristling hair?

Ovid – …

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The Weird Hair Growing Out of My Face

The other day, Boyfriend and I were in line for churros when he inspected my right cheek and said, “You have a weird hair.” Imagine you’re a girl with insecurities, doubts, fears, and the conviction that you’re terrible at being a girl because you only shave, like, once every two weeks and every morning you forget that brushing hair is something you have to do. 385 more words


To Shave or Not to Shave?

So ladies, could you really do it? Could you really keep the razor away from your underarms for the sake of ‘redefining beauty’? That’s what London photographer Ben Hopper asks his models to do in his latest project dubbed ‘Natural Beauty’. 486 more words

It is all in the delivery (#0185) 04/14/14

     Mother’s Day is in about a month.  Yet, I am thinking about sending my gift now.  As odd as this may sound, I do have my reasons.  610 more words


The week in sexism

Supermarket staff in Britain could claim millions in equal pay cases: The claims have been made against the supermarket chain Asda and involve assessing whether supermarket store-front staff jobs, which are mainly held by female workers, are of equal value to  higher-paid jobs in distribution warehouse jobs, which are held mainly by male workers. 511 more words