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How I Met "The Gunny"

Yesterday morning I woke up, and there was a large spongy blob of flesh attached to my arm.

I threw the bulky comforter off the bed and sat up on its edge. 3,011 more words


Antiviral: An Infectious Debut

“I understand your fascination with her. I understand completely. She’s perfect somehow, isn’t she? More than perfect. More than human.”

Antiviral has been out for a while now but I’ve only just had a chance to watch it and wanted to write a little something about it. 387 more words


GOT TIME FOR A QUICKIE?: SILK 2014 dir. Rob Himebaugh

Sometimes we are faced with an opportunity of a lifetime, one that would allow for us to drastically change our lives. While taking that leap of faith can be truly beneficial, sometimes the consequences can be deadly. 197 more words

Short Film

Pathology (2008)

I do not dislike this ‘movie’ because it is ‘sick’ or ‘disturbing’ or anything else other viewers brand it with. I dislike it because it is unbelievably written, badly acted, and takes itself so seriously that you are hardly even able to laugh at the pure ridiculousness of the script. 491 more words

1.0 Star Movies


Annihilation / Jeff VanderMeer. First published 2014.

Here’s the next in my “slightly more demanding sf” series. Annihilation is the first book of the Southern reach trilogy by weird fiction author Jeff VanderMeer. 849 more words

Book Review


Cow obstetrics? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a film that’ll put you off your veal parm.

Wags dubbed it Old MacDonald meets The Thing but give credit where credit’s due: … 449 more words


The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

This review contains spoilers.

Walkers. Blood. Family.

Walkers have taken over the world. Everyone is infected. Blood is spilled in every episode, whether it be from walkers or other survivors that cannot be trusted. 968 more words

Science Fiction