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men's health, you can stop e-mailing me, too

so, to piggy back on “seriously, women’s health, stop e-mailing me” I have to follow up with the stuff that’s on the cover of Men’s Health that just popped up in my inbox.  277 more words

Things That Seemed Important At The Time

Jennifer Garner on her NON Pregnant Baby Bump

My Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to Jennifer Garner.  Not only is she graceful, beautiful and talented, she’s also perfectly comfortable in her body despite being under the constant scrutinizing paparazzi eye.  254 more words


"I want to be perfect"

Perfectionism is classed as “striving for flawlessness and high standards”. It sounds like how we should be. For many of us we were encouraged to strive for perfection. 320 more words


Scars - How I overcame my insecurities by going naked

Hellooooo it is good to be back! Timm and I have been on our second honeymoon, a week in Lanzarote and we had a blummin’ brilliant time! 751 more words


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It's the Feminist Costume, Charlie Brown!

You’ve probably already seen the Subway Halloween commercial. It appeals to society’s vanity and perpetuates the ever anti-feminist “sexy” costume trend. You know, “sexy” costumes are basically normal costumes, with less fabric, more exposed skin, and are only good for turning women into objects. 1,254 more words


Activating Alignment

For the longest time I thought only this body lacked proper alignment. I figured other people, skinnier people, had better alignment. My ego loves this thought pattern. 586 more words

Bikram Yoga