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Baby Weight

Every year, I vow to lose weight.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it a never ending goal that eats at me all the time. 435 more words

Body Image

Tess Munster is NOT Promoting Obesity. Shut up.

When I first heard the news that 29-year-old Tess Munster, a plus size social media queen who started the #effyourbeautystandards campaign, landed a major modeling contract, I was psyched. 802 more words


My Problem With The Body Positive Movement

There’s a new kid on the Body Positive block. This Girl Can is a UK national campaign aimed at encouraging women of all shapes to get physically active. 1,489 more words


Is the growing consumption of pornography playing a helping hand in normalising gender inequality?

If every woman were to be given a penny for every time they had been told that they shouldn’t be bothered by the derogatory images of women in pornography because “they want to do it”, we would all be in Bora Bora drinking cocktails. 1,022 more words


Challenge Kickoff: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

During the month of February, we will be surrounded with advertisements and sales pitches for the unproclaimed holiday known as Valentines Day. The day where retailers would like us to drop a paycheck to prove to the people in our lives that we love them. 466 more words

Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained...

This week my weight has stayed the same. Normally, this would send me into a catastrophic downward spiral, where I would lose motivation and blow the diet/lifestyle/plan. 314 more words

Day 113: you can leave home, but home never quite leaves you

When I was younger, I never thought that I looked much like my mother. I have my father’s round face, my bubbie’s stocky frame, my grandmother’s mouth, and my eyes are mine.  522 more words