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Functional Girl Podcast

Before I published my last blog entry, I read it aloud to check for errors – it sounded quite good, actually, and I thought that perhaps it would sound good in a podcast type format. 86 more words


21 things you only know if you have small boobs

Having small boobs isn’t all about being able to go bra-less and having the pick of the lingerie as those with bigger boobies may believe. 461 more words


Mireille Silcoff: From Kim to J.Lo to Iggy, getting to the bottom of the big-booty craze

Two weeks ago, I was visiting my best friend Alana in Miami, where she is on sabbatical from her post as a professor in Montreal. Alana’s temporary second city has rendered her as tanned as a pecan and with many stories to tell about “the people at yoga.” She has also become well versed in beach life. 1,279 more words


Dove Beauty – one man takes on the beauty giant - amongst others

This man is both brave and inspirational, and leads the pack when it comes to getting big brands to sit up and listen about the real effects of their marketing campaigns. 241 more words

Body Image

The Crazy Weight Paradox: Researchers Say Overweight People Have a Better Body Image

Take everything you thought you knew about obesity and body image and chuck it–at least, that’s what one new study seems to be saying. The surprising findings: Being overweight can sometimes lead you to have a better body image (huh? 253 more words

Body Image

Body Image: The #1 No-Sweat Way to Feel Better About Yourself Today

Do you ever go through times in your life when you feel totally frumpy? Not my favorite word, but hey, it’s the best way to describe THAT feeling. 257 more words

Weight Management

Time to get real!

Time to get real. I love this. This should have been done a long time ago.
What do you think of the Lamilly doll?

I’ve never bought my daughter a Barbie doll, since realising the unrealistic proportions it’s always made me cringe, especially the make up! 664 more words