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21st August 2014

Dear Bubsy

to say that I was sad that this month your weren’t on your way doesn’t exactly describe it. I lost it, I lost my hope, I got paranoid thinking someone had cursed me. 207 more words


The Requirement of Perfection

I’m extremely vain. I have a morning ritual that lasts a little over 20 minutes that consists of washing my face, plucking my perfectly sculpted eyebrows, bleaching the mustache that occasionally appears, and brushing my straight and regularly whitened teeth. 493 more words

Senior Year

Dear Sad Girls Club,

Dear Sad Girls Club,

I’m an overweight male with body issues, which makes me scared to get naked in front of my girlfriend. What do I do? 348 more words


Insidious Whispers and Deafening Screams

I mentioned in my last post the the dictator has been whispering in my ear lately, trying to convince me that a relapse into old behaviours wouldn’t be at all a bad thing. 683 more words


Clementine Ford on Female Bodies

Ford publishes a weekly column for Fairfax Media in Australia. She’s smart, funny, and refreshingly sane about the crap that women deal with in male-dominated culture. 238 more words

More Thought on the Scooby Doo Fat Shaming...

I keep thinking that there may be a good message that comes out of this too. If Daphne thought she was ugly but people consistently told her that she was still beautiful, and maybe if she realized she WAS in fact still beautiful, skinny or not, I can definitely see a positive message in that. 238 more words

General Things

Babies are body ruiners.

I’m so vain, I probably think this song is about me…

I love to nuzzle my son’s neck and whisper in his ear:

“You wrecked Mommy’s body.” 560 more words