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Do you even eat? A look at body image expectations

I met with a friend of mine after perhaps a year of her living out of the county. Her first comment to me was “Wow, you look good! 517 more words


Dangers of the If-Then Mentality

Hello! I hope everyone has some Grain-Free Banana Muffins in their near future. The entire batch I made for my household is almost gone. That’s both the good part and the bad part when it comes to tasty homemade treats. 1,061 more words

Body Image

Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed??

Yes, yes, oh God, yes!

And here’s why:

• Yoga teachers know the body.

They know theirs and they want to know yours. Your yoga teacher lover won’t be afraid to touch you. 493 more words


The Alonzo King LINES Experience

Attending the Alonzo King LINES Summer Intensive has been a dream of mine for years and I finally got the chance to attend Session One this summer. 873 more words


"The Period Poem" by Dominique Christina

“The Period Poem” by Dominique Christina


So let me be very clear. I wrote this poem with a very specific intent. I have a 13 year old daughter.

1,457 more words

Stop Greeting me with my Weight

Ah, family reunions, such source of anticipation

Nostalgia and excitement

An opportunity to reconnect to those whom you are tied by blood

Saying hello and I missed you to those who have known… 412 more words

Post-It Challenge Day 1

Ok, so I was watching The Militant Baker’s Ted Talk and she mentions a post-it challenge- posting something you like about yourself or an affirmation. So I’m basing this only her talk, I don’t know if there is already an established plan with a length to it, but right now I’m just going to do this everyday for an unspecified length of time. 61 more words

Fat Acceptance