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If you’ve ever watched Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version) you might member the part that Alice’s aunt gets angry with her because she’s not ”properly dressed” and in reply, Alice says: ”Who’s to say what is ‘proper’? 189 more words

Body Image

Unravelling the mind of an OverThinker

Worst place to have a creative thought or multiple thoughts is a tanning bed. There’s no access to iPhone, ipad, computer or even pen & paper – the horror! 505 more words

Photographing my “different” body

  I have multiple sclerosis (diagnosed over 12 years ago) and my mobility has been reduced over the past few years. I’ve gone from using crutches, to a walker, to a wheelchair to get around. 566 more words

Body Image

Blog Post: Self-Harm and a Song About Embracing Who You Are

Colbie Caillat- Try

It’s hard, especially for teenage girls, to stop for a moment and not care about what others may think and say about them. 190 more words

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Set Point Theory

http://www.mirror-mirror.org/set.htm The article above reminded me of a post of mine Fighting my biology The set point theory makes sense, your body is genetically meant to stay within a certain range. 366 more words

The Ugly Expectations of Beauty

I was so fickle this week when it came to sitting down and writing out a blog entry.  I would get halfway through a post and then decide to a start a new one.   432 more words


Feeling Beautiful versus Looking Beautiful

As anyone on Facebook is aware, there is a new thing going around where people are challenged by their friends to post at least five pictures in which they feel beautiful. 1,104 more words