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I quit sugar - Week 3 wrap up

Third week complete = 3rd kilo gone! weeeee

I think there was only one day this week that I was craving unhealthy foods. I had a tiny packet of doritos yesterday and I think it was because my boyfriend and brother were both eating ice-cream and I wanted something too. 207 more words


Unrealistic Images

She struggles to see

her own beauty

when she is surrounded

by images

of photoshopped women

that resemble

no real human being.


and self-hatred… 16 more words

Creative Writing

Turtleberry Appreciation Post - Appreciate Your Awesomeness

Every now and again you need to pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Every now and again you need to remind yourself how much you love yourself. 136 more words


Scars - How I overcame my insecurities by going naked

Hellooooo it is good to be back! Timm and I have been on our second honeymoon, a week in Lanzarote and we had a blummin’ brilliant time! 751 more words


Which one is a lie

Sadness, stress and loneliness are erasers.
Slowly rubbing away
Leaving an emptiness that I try contain
Try make smaller
By shrinking
Heavy eyes and a heavy heart… 63 more words


The Scale Again

On Friday I weighed myself out of fear. The prior three days were dripping with irrational fear in response to a more than normal positive two-week streak. 166 more words

seriously, women's health....stop emailing me

I swear I had literally nothing against Women’s Health until I got on their email list. I have since unsubscribed, but of course, there’s a longer wait time on an unsubscribe list than there is to buy a semi-automatic weapon, so I’m still on it. 454 more words

Things That Seemed Important At The Time