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In the mind of an eating disorder: what does the self-shame of an eating disorder make you think?

So this is a tender post, because I have to talk about something very personal to me.  I decided to record my thoughts when I had an episode today of helpless, hopeless body shame, that almost led to a momentary relapse of bulimia. 390 more words

Is the Beauty Positivity Movement Misguided?

This article made me question some assumptions today:

“While I’m in favor of encouraging women to feel confident and happy, I worry that today’s body positivity focuses too much on affirming beauty and not enough on deconstructing its necessity.

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Body Shape – How I Feel versus How I Look

Really loving my body shape and how I feel versus how I look is a recent new awareness for me. Lately I’ve been feeling so great and really enjoying feeling how my body feels whenever I walk or move, so much so it often makes me smile to myself, even in public! 720 more words


Dear Body

Dear Body,

How are you?

I’m not too great myself, thanks for asking.

Ever since we were forced to be together forever about 17 years ago we’ve never quite come to terms with that have we? 823 more words


Defending Brandy Melville

If you do not know what or who the fuck Brandy Melville is allow me to explain: it is a hipster type of shop that caters to skinny chicks. 253 more words

Snarky Opinions

Stopping at the Top of the Spiral

My new life with a baby has been a beautiful, wonderful rollercoaster ride so far. If rollercoaster rides include 4 am feedings and diaper rashes and extremely chubby cheeks. 994 more words

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The Invisible Fat Lady Goes to St. Petersburg, FL - NaBloPoMo #21

This is a blog I wrote back in July before I moved to Tampa. I guess I liked the city enough to move here:

Have you ever been is a room of complete strangers and felt invisible? 1,144 more words

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