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Some Not-So-Obvious Gym Bag Essentials

I like to be prepared.  In all honesty, I rarely am, but I’m working on it. I’m an anxious kinda gal and feeling like I’m ready for any eventuality helps to keep those butterflies at bay. 649 more words


Borderlands & Diversity in Gaming

At last week’s PAX South, Amanda Christensen, a developer for the Borderlands series, talked about the benefits–and common sense–of writing video games that are inclusive of a variety of characters: 1,605 more words


29 January 2011 - football and curry

The day began watching Soccer AM because Southampton legend Francis Benali was on it. I’ve met him a few times and he is a lovely man. 395 more words

Weight Loss

Dreaming for 7 years and 27 days :

My journey started in August 2008, I woke up with a clear dream.

Someone had given us land to build a home/healing space.

I was very excited! 131 more words


Buzzfeed video shows various "ideal body types" and the ways women achieve them

Buzzfeed published a video today that depicts and describes various female “ideal body types as determined by their societies’ standard of beauty,” including those of women in the Han Dynasty, Victorian England, the Supermodel Era, the Heroin Chic period, the time of the Postmodern Beauty, and others. 292 more words


Body Image

Hello everyone! I chose to blog about body image because I feel that it is such a major issue in today’s world amongst not only women, but men as well. 26 more words

Body Image

Body of Kindness

I have never been very good with numbers, as my grades in math throughout my school years will show.  I consider being able to balance my checkbook each month something to be celebrated, and my colleagues can attest to the immense feelings of pride and astonishment when I successfully tackle budget and statistical information, as I excitedly will proclaim, “I just did math!”  There is one particular numerical sequence, though,  that I dread more than any other and that I allow to have way too much power over my sense of self-worth-the number on my bathroom scale.

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