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I just walked

So, as the title suggests, I went for a walk today. Got up, had some cereal, downloaded a walking distance tracking app and went.

It sounds like no big deal, and it isn’t for most. 708 more words

Being Present

As long as my collar bone sticks out, that's all I care about (part 1)

My mind lied to me, it told me if ever I achieved my target weight of 135 lbs, I would finally be happy, life would forever change and for once in my life I would look magnificent.  380 more words

Mental Illness

My Anaconda won't...

“Oh my God look at her butt”

According to society it isn’t fat enough.

Maybe I can get surgery because these squats aren’t working.

Body issues aren’t new, I’m only a teen… 70 more words

Learning to Accept Your Thighs

Let me start by saying: I used to have great legs! Not movie star great. Not model great. Not perfect. Ok, now it sounds like my legs weren’t as great as I thought they were. 798 more words


A Butt Celebration

Yesterday, I came across a blog post in which someone “as a father” wrote that he was disappointed in Nicki Minaj because, by showing the cheeks of her buttocks on the cover of her new single (Do they even have “covers” for “singles” nowadays?) she is a bad role model for little girls like his own. 828 more words


Tolerating Snack Entrapment

Oh, co-worker of mine, I am going to beat you about the head and shoulders for bringing in that 3 pound tub of peanut butter filled pretzel nibs and leaving it by the coffee machine. 35 more words

Flash Fiction

5 Ways to Show Your Naked Body Some Love

This article was originally published in WomensHealthMag.com. Click here to read more. 

Everyone has moments when they pick on their bodies and call out certain features they don’t like—but it’s so, … 129 more words

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