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Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer With Mangosteen Extract

Too Faced’s nourishing bronzing body oil gives the skin a sexy warm glow. It absorbs quickly, hydrating dry skin with an innovative combination of Mangosteen fruit and coconut oil which nourishes and protects skin with easy-to-absorb anti-oxidants.  Color: The perfect bronze tone… http://clickherebeauty.com/too-faced-royal-oil-coconut-oil-body-bronzer-with-mangosteen-extract/

Doctor Who Black Light Makeup by KatieAlves -- PRETTY AMAZING

Katie Alves is an amazing makeup artist … one day … one day I’ll be able to do something like this … 

Check Katie’s page on DeviantArt

Just Because

Back to School Makeup Tutorial ... NOT!!

I was browsing youtube and came across this channel MadeYewLook … OMG … the makeup artist is amazing … she makes some amazing looks for… 45 more words

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Youngblood Show Your Skin Glow Radiant Powder Trio

Youngblood glow-giving Lunar Dust turns skin luminoius. In three shades that catch the light for a subtle sparkling complexion. Set includes: Youngblood Lunar Dust Twilight (0.10 oz./3 g) Youngblood Lunar Dust Dusk (0.10 oz./3 g) Youngblood Lunar Dust Sunset (0.10 oz./3 g) Directions: Dust… http://clickherebeauty.com/youngblood-show-your-skin-glow-radiant-powder-trio/