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x121 (tmi)

I remember when I was in the throes of it. The physical triggers as it first occurred to me that I had repressed a memory of childhood sexual trauma. 769 more words

Mental Health

I will remember him

*Spoiler – this post talks about sexual abuse and domestic violence and a slight reference to suicide*

Children trust ‘nice’ men not monsters!

Like many abusers and sexual predators the man who abused me was able to mask his evilness as a trustworthy figure in our community. 704 more words

Being sick sucks

I was fine until Monday night when I noticed my throat felt weird. By 3 am Tuesday morning, I was awake with severe congestion and a sore throat. 390 more words

Hiding from the truth

I hid the heavy secrets so well that even I can’t find where I buried them.

I carried on like it never happened, like I was never abused and that my family were loving and normal. 241 more words


Waking up to Terror

This morning I woke up with a sense of abject terror. My heart beat ferociously in my chest, my stomach muscles clenched in anticipation of some unperceived danger as soon as I was awake. 222 more words


Lay Your Hands On Me

In March, I started seeing S for massages. I haven’t posted about her much (only here) – they always seem to be a little bit ‘beyond words’. 754 more words

What the body remembers

A protective mechanism

It is amazing what the mind will do to protect you from powerful negative emotions. The mind helps you to forget things that you may not be able to process or that you may not be ready for. 531 more words