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What the body remembers

A protective mechanism

It is amazing what the mind will do to protect you from powerful negative emotions. The mind helps you to forget things that you may not be able to process or that you may not be ready for. 531 more words


This month

This month really sucks. I mean really. I want it over. I wish wish it was over and done with. My life is so miserable on a daily basis. 75 more words

Beauty and light.

I found this very emotional to write, but also helpful, I feel as if I have released a lot within this post. 

*There are some potential triggers further down (another warning is posted) please be careful.* 492 more words

My Journey

Therapy tonight

Therapy was hard tonight, we’ve been struggling a lot over the past week with body memroies and sensations related to trauma memories. This next two months are some of the worst months of the year for us. 541 more words

Waking up can be hard to do...

I woke this morning to a very specific body memory. I couldn’t place it right away. It was physically uncomfortable, and initially emotionally uncomfortable. Once I started thinking about how it felt and… 175 more words

Stuck in the past

This has been a hellish few days. I wish it were over, but the PTSD symptoms remain..

I don’t want this- back to struggling so much through each day. 494 more words

My Journey