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Therapy Friday

I’ll start this sentence and hopefully I can break through the wall that stops me from writing. Crack, crash, boom, there it goes!

I went to therapy last week. 937 more words


Therapy worries. Rejection, Abandonment.

I have just had three good days in a row, three! Saturday morning’s writing really helped.

I had an amazing afternoon with my cousin and her family and then a peaceful day Sunday. 928 more words

My Journey

The end of body memories?

*Trigger warnings – I have been very honest and open about my body memories, so please take care*

Body memories are hell, absolute hell. They have to be one of the scariest symptoms of PTSD- for me at least. 1,065 more words

My Journey

sleep, finally

Sleep is so, so, so, so important… I hadn’t been able to sleep well for the last several weeks.  Last night, after a really rough day, I took Benadryl and it actually worked.   58 more words

'Before I Sleep'

(I’m not censoring this post in any way, so expect swearing and discussion of body memories of childhood abuse.)

I am not sure whether to start this post with, “T has fucked up” or, “I have fucked up”. 2,645 more words


It has been a busy couple of weeks. We have moved house, which has been amazing. I handled the stress very well and I can already see how healing this house will be for me. 375 more words

My Journey