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Robin Williams Lived

Robin Williams lived a life that brought laughter and joy to millions through his comedy and acting.

He died at his home from suicide on Monday, August 11, 2014, at the age 63. 452 more words

Mental Health

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There by the grace of God go I....this could have been me, this is me. By posting this article, I reach out my hand to another person with mental illness, a brain disorder, trauma or depression. It's time we make our families and neighbors talk to us. We won't survive in silence. Please take my hand and hold on,  stay with us. If you can, please stay. We can share this together, the dark and the light, eventually circling the world with love and the new definition of who we are. We will circle the world until we are whole and dancing again.

Therapy Friday

I’ll start this sentence and hopefully I can break through the wall that stops me from writing. Crack, crash, boom, there it goes!

I went to therapy last week. 937 more words


Therapy worries. Rejection, Abandonment.

I have just had three good days in a row, three! Saturday morning’s writing really helped.

I had an amazing afternoon with my cousin and her family and then a peaceful day Sunday. 928 more words

My Journey