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I think it’s the feeling trapped that’s worst for me.  Feeling like I can’t get out and I can’t say no.

My NP was not insensitive or ruthless.  753 more words

lalalalalalalalala I'm not listening!

The body memories and flashbacks came back hard today. I’m pulling a 5-year-old move and symbolically plugging my ears while singing loudly. I’ve spent the day helping my friend pack. 200 more words

x121 (tmi)

I remember when I was in the throes of it. The physical triggers as it first occurred to me that I had repressed a memory of childhood sexual trauma. 769 more words

Mental Health

I will remember him

*Spoiler – this post talks about sexual abuse and domestic violence and a slight reference to suicide*

Children trust ‘nice’ men not monsters!

Like many abusers and sexual predators the man who abused me was able to mask his evilness as a trustworthy figure in our community. 704 more words

Being sick sucks

I was fine until Monday night when I noticed my throat felt weird. By 3 am Tuesday morning, I was awake with severe congestion and a sore throat. 390 more words

Hiding from the truth

I hid the heavy secrets so well that even I can’t find where I buried them.

I carried on like it never happened, like I was never abused and that my family were loving and normal. 241 more words


Waking up to Terror

This morning I woke up with a sense of abject terror. My heart beat ferociously in my chest, my stomach muscles clenched in anticipation of some unperceived danger as soon as I was awake. 222 more words