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A Story of Avoidance - Pushing Down a Memory

I’m lying there, ready to sleep, or so I thought anyways. The sun is starting to come up already, maybe 5am? I digress, that’s probably not important to the story. 765 more words

Child Abuse

Oh I Am Tired

Image © Mariann Martland 2014

I am tired.
Oh I am tired.
I am tired right to the marrow of my bones.
It is an exhaustion that mere sleep will not relieve, 88 more words


Body memory hell (and something new)

Ouch Ouch – I feel beaten up tonight. My pelvis hurts, it is as if there are bruises once more, on my hips and groin and elsewhere (any more would be way TMI). 364 more words

My Journey

different lucidity

they say – and i have seen it actually – there is a moment of lucidity before the final departure.

the whole of today is torn by flashbacks. 211 more words


Nurses with 'wandering' hands

*spoiler: refers to sexual abuse*

*spoiler: is about abuse by staff*

A couple of years ago I was nursed on a psychiatric ward for nearly 6 months. 929 more words

He Could See Her

She looked at him the same way she often did. She needed him to realise how deeply she was hurting. She needed him to know, she needed him to see. 950 more words

Child Abuse

possessive modality

my memories. of her last days.

my body remembers uncontrollably.

these are my possessions, my riches, my hoard: my pain and my love for her. 219 more words