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My Tattoos

Tattoos are a creative way to decorate your body and express yourself. Whether they are in memory of a loved one or just a symbol of something that you love, tattoos are very personal. 251 more words

Body Modification

♥ My Folksy Shop - Down The Rabbit Hole Plugs

My Folksy shop is now stocked and in full swing! I decided to make my own body jewellery (flesh plugs and tunnels) after failing miserably at searching for a pair that were pretty and girly enough to wear at a wedding.   122 more words


AiW: The Entire Text of Alice in Wonderland as tattoos

Okay, cousins, here’s the thing, I would totally risk the allergy potential of tattoo ink for a project like this. (Lost At E Minor)

Alice isn’t the only work they’re doing, but it is the only one I’d willing donate a body part to be part of. 68 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Piercings- Pretty or putrid?

Piercings are a commonplace accessory within society. It is not unusual to see these embellishments on the ears of both gender and on a wide range of ages. 682 more words

Ear Stretching 101

So I’ve decided for my first real post I’ll do something I’m extremely knowledge in.

Ear stretching.

Yes my ears are stretch currently at 6.mm and 6.5mm. 1,170 more words


Body Modification.

Body Modification? What is she talking about..?

Defined as: Intentional alteration of the human body for religious, aesthetic, or social reasons. Modifications and mutilations are performed for purposes such as magical protection, medical or pseudo-medical intervention, cosmetic enhancement, and punishment. 635 more words

Piercing scars

Well…I tried a couple of facial piercing and though it woul be usefull to share how it looks after removal and healing.

Anti-eyebrows: 16g pro done, changed for 20g 14k gold, didńt like it because I was always melting my hair in it and hurts while sleeping, removed 6 weeks after, 8 months ago… 90 more words