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Septum Piercing Experience.

         This blog post is mainly for people who may be interested in getting a septum piercing. Within this post I will tell you about my full experience of the piercing, including the procedure itself, how i felt before and afterwards and about aftercare I carried out to ensure the piercing didn’t become infected. 425 more words


My Independence Day

I had my knuckles tattooed on the 4th July, which I like to refer to as my Independence Day from respectable employment. I chose Oli Sugars at Inka Tattoos in Brighton to carry out the work, because I love his ornate lettering, and the words “hopeless romantic”, from the Bouncing Souls song of the same name. 449 more words


Body modification

Personally I prefer the beauty of a modified person, but in no way do I think that’s what’s right for everyone. Beyond a few basic rules of aesthetics (and even they are debatable), this is a matter that is very much in the eye of the beholder. 277 more words


Body Suspension

One form of body modification that has been receiving a lot of worldwide attention lately is the Body Suspension. The idea of suspending oneself with hooks might sound like a method of torture to most in this beloved world of ours but to some of us, it represents peace and an emotion that can only be felt and not described. 524 more words

Body Mod

Fighting Smoke

Some of you may have read my Blog: Change…..for lack of a better word….is good


I am sat here with a large bandage covering my upper right arm, a glass of a rather nice golden rum and uncertainty of if I want to do this. 1,608 more words

The Next Time Your Parents Disapprove of Your Piercings, Show Them This...

Are you a young person whose parents are on the fence about you getting some measly bellybutton or industrial piercing? I think I may have a solution. 96 more words