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Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA’s X-Ray Body Scanners | Wired

Two years ago, a blogger named Jonathan Corbett published a YouTube video that seemed to show a facepalm-worthy vulnerability in the TSA’s Rapiscan full-body X-ray scanners: Because metal detected by the scanners appeared black in the images they created, he claimed that any passenger could hide a weapon on the side of his or her body to render it invisible against the scans’ black background. 135 more words

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Study: Body Scanners Fail to Detect Guns

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – The Rapiscan scanner can see your private parts, but it can’t see your gun.

That was the finding from a joint study conducted by three universities, who were able to slip guns through a Rapiscan body scanner without being detected. 220 more words

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