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Empowering Your Kids to Stay Safe Without Resorting to Body Shaming

I am struggling right now to be a respectable feminist mother. I am raising an almost teenage daughter. It seems like my easy-going, rule-following girl has suddenly become a young lady with very strong beliefs and emotions. 1,326 more words


The size obsession

Sorry it’s been a while I’ve written. Crazy workload and all the stuff that gets one busy enough to not write or doze off before midnight to have any midnight musings at all. 425 more words

Comic By Colleen Clark

This really spoke to me, and I’m not going to say much more because it really speaks for itself. Just wanted to share something I found.


Don't be a 'Body Bully'

(Don’t comment on what’s NOYB!)

“You look so fat in that dress.” “You really shouldn’t eat that cake; you have enough love handles if you catch my drift.” “Your butt can take out that whole table if you’re not careful.” How many times have you heard a comment like that directed towards a woman’s body? 672 more words

Fat-shaming and Skinny-shaming, Neither is Okay

The other day my mom and I were listening to the radio and All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor came on. Somehow not even half way through the song my mom and I started talking about body-shaming. 1,342 more words


Why Fat-Shaming Is Stupid

Well, besides the obvious reasons, such as it’s mean, it makes others feel bad about themselves, and it’s definitely not following the golden rule – I bet you wouldn’t like it much if someone told you that you were fat, or shamed you for being skinny, or a redhead, or a blonde, or whatever you happen to be. 769 more words