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The Body Project Session #7: Teamwork

This session showed some of the greatest improvement. It had a rough start with a happy ending. Here’s why:

Every woman who stepped in the door expressed feelings of nervousness, and a great deal of these women had no clue what they were doing. 1,360 more words

It's all okay, you're skinny; you can take it.

Something I wasn’t expecting when I entered the “real world” was the frequency with which my co-workers were going to make comments about my body. It was and still is completely unnerving. 501 more words


Skinny Vs Curvy

The Dimensions of what is considered Skinny and Curvy differs throughout time, and the perceptions of beauty and standards of beauty have differed with the influence of media. 411 more words


My Size Is Not Up For Discussion

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could definitely kill me. As a communications major, this is the saying that I go by. Words… 561 more words

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I've been naturally thin my whole life and have heard all sorts of these same hateful, hurtful sentiments from people around me. From one thin gal to another, thank you!

This is my body

Lent is a season of fasting. I’ve done it before- the fasting from chocolate, or caffeine, or sweets. I’ve even done the Orthodox Lenten fast- no animal products, no alcohol, no oil. 273 more words


Nothing Ever Smells of Roses That Rises Out of Mud: Body Shaming and Children

First, I must confess that this is a deeply personal post. Although the advice given is meant to help those with kids (or those who are close to kids) to avoid creating and perpetuating body image issues, I am also aiming to air out some grievances I have with people in my past and present, both in my real life and online. 739 more words

Gentle Parenting