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Help! I'm obsessed with The Body Shop

I have a little obsession with The Body Shop… okay maybe it’s more than a little! This is just a post about my favourite Body Shop products, because they’re all I ever think about (literally). 390 more words


Brush it, wash it, moisturize it..

One of the biggest investments you can do for yourself when reaching your late 20s-early 30s is your skin.  Brush it, wash it, moisturize it, is the go to routine for a healthy skin. 167 more words


Braid Crown + Summer White + Ballet Shoes

I’ve seriously neglected my poor blog over the past month or so! I’ve been away twice, graduated in the middle of that, and I am also sorting myself out to move to Dubai in the middle of August, so I hope I can be forgiven! 213 more words


Current Faves

So it is a Saturday evening, my friends are all at their parents houses, my boyfriend is already drunk and I am home alone eating a cheese string, and quite frankly, enjoying it. 374 more words

Top Tips for Tip Top Lips

Some people were born with perfect teeth, glossy hair, bigger chested and somewhere “naturally” gifted like Kim K or Nicki Mina in the rear area, I myself have been blessed with full lips (all natural I assure you). 379 more words

The 'beat the heat' skincare edit

Holy moly has it been HOT recently. I know we Brits tend to kick up a bit of a fuss when the mercury rises above 15°c but believe me when I say, this time has been different.  501 more words


June Favourites | 2014

Ok, once again I am super late with my favourites but as I have said before – better late than never.

Im just going to dive right in… 1,201 more words

Monthly Fav's