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Cycling Meditation

There is nothing more freeing (to me) than jumping on my bike and going on an adventure. Unlike most Pemberton people, I stick to the flat trails and roads and all I need is a minimum of 20 minutes to clear my head. 69 more words

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

He who laughs, lasts.
Mark Twain

Have you ever had one of those laughing fits where you laugh so hard you cry and some snorting is involved, oops?

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Perspectives on getting old(er)


Most of my ideas for blog posts are inspired by conversations I have or by things I observe. This one started to grow after I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday. 1,046 more words

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Head-To-Toe Beauty Solutions For Busy Women

You wake up. Then you help wake everybody else up. Then, it’s all about breakfasts, packed lunches, getting dressed, heading out, dropping the kids off, working a full day, making it to appointments, working out, getting home, making dinner, cleaning, prepping for the next day, then going to bed. 834 more words

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Skills makes you money , not time

One of the biggest lesson ive ever learnt was to master my skills. My coach taught me that in any business to succeed there is a key level that makes it works – in my training business its my craft, and communication . 287 more words

Acupuncture a Pleasant Surprise

Most people are pleasantly surprised by their first acupuncture treatment says Acupuncture Richmond owner/practitioner and president of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA) Paddy McBride. 537 more words

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Phones Or Friends: Which One Hurts Teen Drivers More?

According to HealthDay, teen drivers distracted by passengers’ loud talking and fooling around are more likely to be involved in serious incidents than those distracted by technology such as cell phones. 259 more words

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