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Tuesdays With Mary: Cardio Queen Syndrome

Cardio Queen Syndrome is a real ailment affecting millions of women across the world.  It’s time to bring awareness to this ever-growing epidemic.  CQS is characterized by an obsession with doing cardio at the gym in the hopes of getting this body: 352 more words

Body Transformation | Success Series | 004 | Track Progress

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Documentation is NOT a dirty word. With so many things happening in our lives, effective documentation helps us to keep track of our activity from day to day. 216 more words

Success Series

Weighing In..

This number right here.. 40. That is how exactly how much weight I have lost as of today. I am embarrassed to say that what kick started my plan, was the scale. 523 more words

Body Transformation | Success Series | 003 | Pace Yourself

Ever experience the blissful day or two of recovery after being inactive for a long time? Ever noticed the very common yo-yo motivation patterns of focusing on your exercise and health followed by prolonged periods of slacking off and being sedentary? 1,000 more words

Success Series

2 weeks out from my pro debut!!

It’s getting very very real now. Less than 2 weeks left until I step on stage for the biggest competition of my life! It has been a long and very eventful contest prep so far, however I have stuck it out this far and am ready, registered and committed to pushing it all the way to the finish line. 220 more words


Move more, eat better

Move more, eat better: easier said than done. I’m just about to embark on my sixth (yes, sixth) round of Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation. 492 more words


Body Transformation | Success Series | 002 | Know Yourself

The identities that we subconsciously assume are very powerful. We must learn to consciously control or to reprogram those negative, disempowering metaphors that impact our strengths and our weaknesses in our decision-making process. 377 more words

Success Series