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Don't compare your goals!

I’ve been seeing a lot of inspirational photographs and messages on my feed lately. Don’t get

me wrong, I do enjoy and get inspiration from looking at the before/after photos but there comes… 553 more words



Workout for 10/15/2014

Music: Variety of Stuff

T-Shirt: GI Bro

Decided to go with a “warm up” today and picked the agility ladder. We haven’t done it in awhile so I figured “Why not?” 145 more words


Body –Weight Fat Burning

Body weight training can be a great weight loss tool when you pick the right exercises and keep the rest periods short to increase the intensity. 68 more words

Body Weight

Weekend Workout: Core and Cardio Conditioning

From JFK SBSM Trainer Ryan Johnson

This simple, 2-exercise workout focuses on improving core endurance while enhancing your cardio. Before you start the workout, make sure to perform some type of warm up for 2-3 minutes (e.g. 128 more words


Eating Right actually takes less time than you think. Tip # 6: Eat more snacks!

How good is that?!

Eating more snacks, that is. It makes us all feel good just reading that tip. Gives you some mental peace of mind, a release valve when you’re on a ‘slimming diet’ program or just contemplating the thought of going months on end saying ‘no’ to all the good food you’re used to eating. 1,120 more words

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KORE Wellness Murph Training - Week 11, Day 3

Training Week 11, Day 3

Run 1/2 mile, rest 2 min.
X 4

Record your time so you can compare as your training continues.

On November 8th we will be hosting a challenge WOD at KORE Wellness.  197 more words


Crash diets may be most effective weight-loss technique, U.K. study suggests

Crash dieting may be more effective than steady weight loss regimens, a U.K. study has found.

Although most health experts and dietitians agree that long-term diets are more effective, the research suggests the opposite could be true. 506 more words