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Want to live longer? Put less food on your plate and consider a 'feast and famine' diet, experts say

Most humans nowadays don’t live much like our prehistoric forebears. We, especially in the West, tend to live sedentary lives in front of computer screens, rather than active ones hunting game and gathering wild fruit. 970 more words


No equipment? No Problem! 10 Things I Love About Body Weight Exercise

I travel a lot for a living.  I tried to bring equipment with me on the road and it just isn’t practical.  I have TRX, kettlebells, jump ropes, perfect pushups, and many other fun tools (my “toys”).  463 more words


Even More Squats and Push Ups!!

Workout for 11-24-2014
Music: NIN, Heart
T-Shirt: Of Course I’m Right I’m Bill

And this is the current last of the Squats and Pushups Circuit. 125 more words


Arms Emphasis Circuit Workout

Workout for 11-22-2014
Music: Heart
T-Shirt: TakoSushi

Another chilly Saturday morning at the warehouse.
Quite a few folks missed it this AM.

I don’t blame them! 133 more words


Total Body Workout

Basic Calisthenics High-Intensity Circuit: No Equipment Necessary

Before delving into specifics, it must be noted that with any workout, a proper mindset one approaches it with is essential. 487 more words

Body Weight

Pullup-Pushup Workout

Pullup-Pushup Workout


Lock down a great upper body with the only two exercises it really needs.

When you do a pull-up, you engage your lats, mid-back, rear delts, biceps, forearms, and core. 416 more words

Body Weight