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Obese women as likely to give birth following IVF as those of normal weight

As the nation’s assisted reproduction experts weigh whether obese women should be refused fertility treatments, a new study finds obese women are as likely to get pregnant and have a baby following… 785 more words


Body Wisdom.

After years of losing weight and restricting calories, I finally feel like I’m to the point where I rarely try to calculate calories in my head, which has been an extremely long time coming. 373 more words

Fitness gets complicated, where are my abs?

I started this at my FB but don’t want to overwhelm people who really not in the topic. It starts like this

The more I read/learn about fitness and exercising, the more frustrating it gets. 535 more words


What They Have to Say About My Body and Maybe What I Don't Want to Hear At All

“What’s your weight?”  *answers* “You are heavy.”

thanks for not considering my height, and yes, I’m heavy. Sorry.

“You wake up late (8am), and you do not jog.” 210 more words

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Work out of the Day

This mornings work out is all about moving your muscles and getting going! I do 3 sets of these workouts throughout the day plus a one hour walk.


Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day

More than three million men, perhaps including you, has no idea that they soon become victims of a disease that can snatch their vision, even their lives. 387 more words

Weight Management

The Playground Workout

So last night I attempted to follow the Nerd Fitness Playground workout. Sal and I finished at 10pm and despite being pretty tired already I forced her and myself to hit the playground for a workout. 194 more words