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Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster With A Personal Trainer

Do you have ambitious fitness goals to achieve within a short span of time? Have you been struggling hard to achieve your weight loss or bodybuilding goals? 504 more words

KORE Wellness Murph Training - Week 12, Day 3

Training Week 12, Day 3

Run 1 mile. Rest 3 min.  Run 1 mile.

Record your time so you can compare as your training continues. 210 more words


What is a TRX Suspension Trainer?

What is the TRX system? Maybe you have seen those odd black and yellow straps hanging at the gym? Or possibly you’re hearing about TRX for the first time? 335 more words

Core Stability

Contextual Journal

23/10/14 – Dance Seminar

In order to work in proximity with each other, we need to think about counter balance. How can it work together? For it to coordinate simultaneously our weight needs to be shared equally in partner work. 84 more words

Contextual Journal

KORE Wellness Murph Training - Week 12, Day 2

Training Week 12, Day 2

100 Pull-ups , 200 Push -ups  (can be broken up as needed throughout the day)

On November 8th we will be hosting a challenge WOD at KORE Wellness.  197 more words


Body Issues, Anyone??

We all love our natural body, natural curves, and natural skin. We love it so much that we cry when we see one deadly pimple or gain one pound. 712 more words


Jennifer Sygo: Teach your child to eat like the French — you'll lower their risk of obesity and open up a world of flavour

Are we teaching our kids to eat right? And not just to be healthy, but also to eat well — what I mean is enjoying a variety of wholesome foods, not fearing new things, and being respectful at meal time? 936 more words