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Upper Body No-Equipment-Needed Workout

Provided by Bruce Randolph SBSM Trainer Ismael Delgado 

This workout takes just 14 minutes to complete, and requires no extra equipment. So what’s you’re excuse? 252 more words


Men: Chin-Up Variations for Massive Biceps

Chin-Up Variations for Massive Biceps

Chin-ups are pull-ups performed with an underhand or supinated grip. Because of this underhand grip, chin-up variations build up biceps by overloading them with your own body weight. 336 more words

Body Weight

A Different All Squats and Push Ups Workout

Workout for 11-19-2014
Music: Top Hits from 1973 and Top 500 Hits
T-Shirt: CCCP, old school.

The last workout we did a bunch of squats and pushups. 90 more words


Uneven Plyometric Push-Up

Uneven Plyometric Push-Up

Develop upper-body power and strength with a hardcore version of the classic push-up.

Primary muscles – pectorals major, pectorals minor

Secondary muscles – anterior deltoids, triceps… 228 more words

Body Weight

Keep On Walking to Fight Osteoporosis

Keep On Walking

Walking is an exercise. It is the easiest, cheap and low injury risk of exercise that everyone can do. It follows the CRIPE principles, which are… 204 more words

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Milk, maybe it doesn't do a body good?

Milk, most drink it, use it, believe in it. Recent research however shows that just like many foods we all believe in, the health benefits of drinking milk is quite probably a myth. 342 more words