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A definition of structural integration

Here’s a nice discussion from the Crestone College of Structural Integration by Buddy Frank. On a related note, one of my instructors when I learned SI, David Davis, now teaches for Crestone.

Body Work

zazen & a light stretch

in the morning
illumination comes / like a dewdrop
and ripples out
as might a flower blossom

the sitting practice
when the world disappears / in an ocean… 45 more words

Willow Zef

AC holes under wheel arch

I cleaned off the stone chip and welded in the holes under the left wing where the a/c pipes used to run.
I also masked off the areas inside the the trunk getting it ready for stone chip painting.

Body Work

Milestones: with running and my blog.

Nine weeks ago I decided that I needed to get off the sofa and get fit and not just for the summer. I wanted to build my stamina and fitness levels so when my friend Jo-anne told me that she had started started running in a local park with JogBelfast (part of a free… 491 more words


Engine lid hinges

We had to re-paint a section of the front wing after it fell and dented. I used the hinges from the 911 SC in the garage to see how the engine lid fitted with them and it made no difference – the lid doesn’t close as good as I would like it to, but when closed it looks pretty good.

Body Work

Body Work, Part III: Food and light cravings, joint soreness, full moon grounding and hand chakras

Doing this work with my body and learning to love it and become one with it has developed in a few different directions. The mindfulness and kything is enough for a separate post which I hope to write in the next few days. 1,631 more words

The Truth About Barefoot Shoes

Just recently I was wearing my five toe Vibram shoes while attending a workshop where we were doing a bit of hiking around in the woods.   766 more words

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