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Starting your classic restoration - Getting down to the bare metal

Starting a classic car restoration is all about preparation and planning.  Unless you are the original owner you just don’t know what has been done to the car.  842 more words

Bare Metal

Expanding My Practice To Buffalo

Hello Buffalo Friends,

Some of you may know that in 2009, I decided to make a major career change and moved from Laramie to Santa Fe New Mexico to get a graduate degree in Oriental Medicine. 116 more words


10 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Deeply Relaxing Massage


A lot of people talk about how they can’t do things they really want to do. There are always so many reasons not to do something. 181 more words


Acupuncture and Chiropractic: Daniel Gaustad in Minneapolis

This was serendipitous! First night in town I hit a new yoga studio, and before even signing in ended up in a conversation with a patron who adores her chiropractor/acupuncturist just around the corner. 93 more words


Massage: Genevieve Bobek in Nashville

Billed as a deep tissue therapist, Genevieve didn’t go quite as hard as I need (you know, meat tenderizing hard) to start fixing my issues in one session. 72 more words


Body Work

Facts of Tour:

  • Hotel beds are not your bed.
  • Show footwear is not orthopedic.
  • If you’re in a dance ensemble you do the same big moves, on one side of your body only, 8 shows a week.
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Rolling Out

A SETA tour provides — get this — one one-hour group session by a therapist who had seen some video footage of the show, and a trunk of therabands ‘n’ rollers. 445 more words