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Acupuncture and Chiropractic: Daniel Gaustad in Minneapolis

This was serendipitous! First night in town I hit a new yoga studio, and before even signing in ended up in a conversation with a patron who adores her chiropractor/acupuncturist just around the corner. 93 more words


Massage: Genevieve Bobek in Nashville

Billed as a deep tissue therapist, Genevieve didn’t go quite as hard as I need (you know, meat tenderizing hard) to start fixing my issues in one session. 72 more words


Body Work

Facts of Tour:

  • Hotel beds are not your bed.
  • Show footwear is not orthopedic.
  • If you’re in a dance ensemble you do the same big moves, on one side of your body only, 8 shows a week.
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Rolling Out

A SETA tour provides — get this — one one-hour group session by a therapist who had seen some video footage of the show, and a trunk of therabands ‘n’ rollers. 445 more words


Painted tank installed

Hey all. So the tank is ready to go. I’ve installed it without a problem. Some minor hose extensions were needed as the fuel return line enters the tank at a different point. 56 more words


Fuel tank is looking good

Today I received a message from my very helpful friend/employer. It was a picture of the progress of my Indian Larry fuel tank. The tank has been smoothed out and primed. 29 more words