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Get the door

We devoted some time to the Infinity today. The left rear door was trimmed out this morning and reinstalled it just as soon as it was dry enough. 44 more words

Collision Repair

Booth time

We had great progress on the Durango today. Yesterday it was sanded and set up in the booth before we left. This morning we masked it up for painting and did a final prep. 53 more words

Collision Repair

Out darned scratch

Long time readers may remember this Durango. It was in the shop a while back to get some scratches repaired. Well its back for the same thing. 137 more words

Collision Repair

Progress, #ROW80

I had a conversation this week with my shiatsu therapist during my dreamy treatment. We discussed the rise of coaching of all kinds and the trend toward using these services. 577 more words


Dually noted

This Ram is getting a couple of battle scars fixed up this week. A small ding in the tailgate and a lager dent in the right bedside will be the focus of the repairs. 43 more words

Collision Repair

Driveway mishap

This FX 45 is in the shop to get the left doors repaired. The owner stopped by a family members house for a visit. One of them left to run an errand and backed right into her SUV. 42 more words

Collision Repair

In the booth

Here is the Trail Blazer SS in the booth. This one was first up this morning in the booth. The primer was blocked out and the rest of the panel was prepped for paint. 29 more words

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