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What a Body!

Today marks the start of a lot of body work. Pull, push, stretch, and shrink is the name of the game. Since there are a few major areas of work, I’ve been making my way around touching the areas that are staying. 92 more words

Reflexology Rules

Reflexology is a powerful healing modality for the entire body. I recently made my feet very sore and wanted to recover as quickly as possible. I booked some sessions with Carol Crockett, who is an excellent therapist I had visited in the past.   441 more words


One Year Pain-Free

As of today, I think, but definitely as of this week, I’ve officially been pain-free for one year. This is something that I feel shouldn’t need to be celebrated by a 28-year-old who hasn’t been in a horrific accident. 412 more words


From Water to Waving Hands In Clouds; Health, Healing & The Fascial Connection


An interesting article connecting concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/acupressure) and the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi together by way of our recent revelations about the structure and function of the myo-fascial system of connecting tissue found throughout the body. 288 more words

Be Careful Who You Listen To!

When Tired, Rest

When tired, rest.

That’s what I’ve been fortunate enough to do these past few weeks while going through various therapies for my hands and back. Today I’m more tired than usual. 79 more words