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Cranio Sacral Therapy

If you are having a very hard time getting your baby to latch comfortably your baby might benefit from Cranio Sacral Therapy, or  CST.  This is a very gentle type of massage that can help your baby’s muscles relax. 1,707 more words

Breastfeeding Help

Find Your Voice

One of the brilliant teachers at Douglas Theatre, Thrasso Petras (Voice Class), taught us a method for opening up our air channels and increasing resonance and power in our voice. 652 more words



Rafiki means friend.

Today my baby sister Beth and I had a reiki treatment from her beautiful rafiki, Kerri. Kerri has opened a day spa in Bibra Lake. 628 more words


Healing Energy Cords

In the energy body, we have cords of energy extending from our our chakras, and meridians.  When we have emotional wounds, they create injured cords extending from our energy fields that can attach to others who also are emotionally wounded.   241 more words



I am already booked next week. I am going to be a temp in something that isn’t my piece of cake. That will be totally unnatural to me, but if anyone could do it… well… I got to try to do it at least. 239 more words


Bugatti Veyron

For the past two years I’ve seen some incredible cars pass by in London, especially during Ramadan when you get the wealthy Arabs flying their supercars here. 135 more words


What a Body!

Today marks the start of a lot of body work. Pull, push, stretch, and shrink is the name of the game. Since there are a few major areas of work, I’ve been making my way around touching the areas that are staying. 100 more words