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Summer Sun

As the summer approaches everyone wants to get in beach body shape. This rush to get in top shape usually leaves us crash dieting, feeling like crap and extremely stressed. 694 more words


Rainy Day Regrets

So yeah I binged and purged on Monday night,  admittedly it took some time for me to finally do it but it was more of an inclination that I had to do it rather than I wanted to do it. 368 more words

Body Solid Pro Club Line SLC400G 2-Leg Curl Machine

Pro Club Leg Curl Machine. This Leg Curl Machine sets the standard for workout comfort and convenience. There is not just ample strength, but highly regarded performance. 96 more words

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Inversion Therapy counteracts the forces of gravity on the body (particularly the back) by decompressing and elongating the spine. This relieves pressure on your spinal cord’s ligaments and nerve roots. 46 more words

Is our reality a cosmic reflection?

In our beings, we have a number of energy fields called chakras, that absorb and also reflect (electromagnetic radiation) that has caused an influence to a particular physical, mental or emotional stimuli within the reality that is said to be a myriad of puzzle pieces that manifests our perception of the ongoing arrangement, rearrangement and interaction of atoms. 478 more words


Give me the grace to accept the things I cannot change

For a soothing scent to calm your racing thoughts, and envelop your skin in softness, you need philosophy pure grace perfumed body lotion.

The brand’s… 35 more words