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including perspectives: the fold and butoh dance

My interest here is to overlap Deleuze’s (and Leibniz incorporated through the lens of Deleuze) approaches to the fold, Baroque and perception to Butoh Dance. 1,033 more words


The things we take for granted

Often you hear people say, it’s not until you’ve lost something/someone that you realise how important it/they were to you….

I agree that it’s true, it’s easy to slip into the lane were you forget to count your blessing, don’t take the time to really enjoy those moments of affection and connection, don’t realise the necesity of something until it breaks… it’s all too easily, unfortunately we can find ourselves so distracted by the thoughts of the future or rummaging through memories that these instances that are right here and now aren’t appreciated until they are smacked in our face. 439 more words


Sleep is your best friend - don't fight it!

When and how much to sleep, is always a question I get. The answer is simply, once again, be healthy during the day and then listen to your body! 317 more words

Body&Mind Detox

Stress free zone

By definition from the Oxford Dictionary, stress means “somethingĀ that causesĀ a state of strain or tension“.

Stress is normal and it is the natural response to change or stimuli. 654 more words



Hi, so I’m slightly clueless as to what I’m doing and what this is all really about but I’m really interested in learning and growing so we’ll call this my base. 109 more words


Fitness: Holy Holidays - Pt. V

Dear followers,

I’m back home in Hamburg but I still want you to know about my last Part of holidays.

I tried out another great workout for you and I actually never thought I’d like it. 198 more words