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Shirt, das gerne ein Body wäre #743

Komisches Teil, richtig. Aber irgendwie cool, haha. Soda. Graubraun, mit diagonalen Nähten & einem an einen Body angelehnten Schnitt. Gut erhalten.

Vero Moda, Gr. M, Material überwiegend B’wolle, wir vermuten mal noch biz Elasthan.




Men hiccups more often than women.

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Kayla's Quirks & The Texts

I say a lot of weird stuff. I can’t help it. It’s just the way my mind works. I’m quirky. Sometimes it gets me strange looks. 563 more words


The Wonder Of You (A Wedding Celebration)

It’s one thing when you’ve got someone who stood beside you infront of so many people making a vow of for better or worse till death do us part with you, and a totally different story if that someone actually fulfilled his or her promise. 151 more words


Sweat beyond the heat

With the gorgeous summer heat there’s no doubt we’ll be wearing shorts and sweating as the heat beats down on us. So you may think one is mad to further the likelihood of sweating, but surely you want to look toned in those shorts? 172 more words


My Body, My Rights

Did I ever tell you the story of my body? Well, here it goes. (Disclaimer: Profanity. And some well-deserved violence.)

Body: The physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs. 1,074 more words