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Facing the Vagina

I’m a 9-year-old living with my family in Argentina. The day is so hot that if it weren’t a Saturday and we were at school the teachers would have fed us popsicles at recess to keep our temperatures from rising. 801 more words


so far, so good

I’m eight days in to my 30-day barefoot running program and here are three things I’ve noticed.

1. When I eat less meat, I run better… 456 more words


Tennessee Woman Finds Body During Easter Egg Hunt

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (CBS Charlotte) – An Easter egg hunt led to a gruesome discovery, reports WBIR-TV.

A Knoxville woman was in her backyard with her four-year-old son when she found a decomposing body tucked away under the home’s deck. 181 more words


Green Tea Benefits

I’m a green tea drinker.Not for the love of the taste. I drink it because I’m told it’s good for me or, to be honest, the real reason I drink it is because I believe its helping me keep my weight in check. 614 more words


Anatomy 101: Everything's connected!

There are many websites, blogs and social media pages that talk about nutrients that are beneficial to the body, which is important, but I’d like to talk about something else. 461 more words


Diet accelerating metabolism

Numerous scientific studies and observations of many experts in the field of dietetics , identified that , unfortunately, the majority of weight loss diets above all make the metabolic processes are slowed down . 304 more words