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Mind, Body, Clean: My 14-day Detox Journey

So yesterday was Day 1 of my detox journey.The day started off with an egg and a protein-packed detox smoothie. I felt fine up until 4 pm, when my energy went low and I was craving chocolate and coffee. 204 more words


Whats my style anyway?

In light of the a-mazing fashion week designs that have captivated our TV screens and almost every social media platform, I thought it fitting that I touch on this topic. 442 more words



Bhujangasana (cobra pose):
a beginner backbend that grounds the lower body as it opens the chest, strengthens the back & is said to awaken dormant energy within. 890 more words


Welcome to Hollyweird: Street harassment in Hollywood

I’m currently in Hollywood. I’m miles from home and away from my usual routines but I’m coping surprisingly well. It helps that I am with my older sister and that I was here in January but it is anxiety-provoking. 928 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Simple Steps To Having More Patience

How To Have More Patience

To check out a bunch of helpful tips on ways to practice more patience, click here!

Happy Tuesday!


Hating My Body: The Cycle of Abuse

Do I hate my body? I think hatred would be better classed as a lack of acceptance. So many people I know hate their bodies and have done for a long time, but why? 336 more words

Thoughts About Life