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My First Tattoo.

I got myself something new the other day, something permanent.

Swallow; “the bird of freedom”. A bird that cannot endure captivity. A bird that returns ‘home’ to her people. 42 more words

Off work today and craving tattoos

Today is a red day, which means I’m not working today! So I’m just very lazy today, and watching movies and writing blog posts and little else. 116 more words



Happy New Year to All with the SOUL in their mind …..and a HEART in their body!

After some time out to adjust to some important changes I am back with more thoughts, reflections and observations regarding the ‘deeper (more blissful) things’ in mind. 269 more words

The Healing Of The Art & Soul

Tattoo Troubles

So, getting a tattoo right in a language you are only ever so slightly familiar with is one big-ass headache. My friend wants to get a tattoo in Arabic and we have spent three days trying to get an old Arabian proverb to translate into Arabic without it sounding like gobbledigook. 108 more words

Session 11 - Ghosting

Forgive the lack of posts this year. I honestly feel like there hasn’t been much progress in sessions 8-10. However, with session 11, my technician changed the wavelength of the laser to that of blue (instead of black) and have seen a significant change in my tattoo. 15 more words

Laser Tattoo Removal

Alice in Wonderland Game- Cheshire Cat

I saw this game (Alice- Madness returns) on PewDiePie’s channel on YouTube (everyone should know him, he almost has 33 million subscribers). After seeing the Cheshire cat I thought to myself that that would be a challenging look to do. 63 more words


Body Art

Body art is one of the things that I don’t screw up in life (Mostly). I can sit down for hours and paint on myself (sounds kinda weird right?). 82 more words