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My Daughter Got Her Navel Pierced so Why Does My Stomach Hurt?

My daughter, Princess, got her navel pierced about a month ago.  It’s taken this long to analyze my feelings about it.  Was I surprised?  Yes and no.   270 more words

Random Thoughts

Day 283 IV Needles and Tattoo Ink or How My Dad Came to Be Ok With My Ink and Other Observations

At this point in my life I’m pretty sure that the number of  times I’ve been poked with a needle during a medical procedure is more than the number of birthdays I’ve had.  606 more words

When body turn into art

Gesine Marwedel is a young artist according to her body painting is something more than lines colours, skin and bones… “Body Painting and Body Art is one of the first and most original art forms. 91 more words

You Need To Know All About Tattoos

If you are considering tattoos, keep in mind that they are a permanent part of your skin.

You know, tattoos are created with permanent ink being placed underneath the skin, they are made for life unless you later decide to remove it. 356 more words


inked illustrations

Recently I have developed a fixation with illustration in the form of body art. I have never been game enough to take the eternal plunge and ink my body although I have a deep fascination with the art of tattooing. 145 more words


I not only put the Art in Heart, but I can give it wings to fly as well!

A tattoo in honor of his child. I just finished this up well the color work, I will go over the line work and finish it up on his next session. 41 more words

Putting Art Back In HEart!