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August 16th - Yabba

Leave our flies alone Jardine, they’re the only friends you’ve got here!“.

One of the famous cries from the man who could be Australia’s first documented sporting heckler, Yabba. 130 more words

How to Fix a Broken Clasp on Bodyline Shoes

The other night when I was walking to a nearby restaurant all dressed up in lolita, I heard a something like a pin drop on the sidewalk and the next thing I knew, a clasp on my favorite pair of Bodyline shoes had come off! 134 more words



In Dotonbori I found a Bodyline store. It was the first ever lolita store that I have ever physically in been in which was exciting since I always have had a fascination with the fashion lifestyle. 142 more words


Outfit Shot - Hyper Japan (Saturday)

This is my co-ord for Hyper Japan on the Saturday. I decided to wear Bodyline as it’s a convention so there’s lots of food, kids, cosplayers (painted people/objects), heat, etc and I don’t want to spoil any of my clothes, hence also choosing black. 65 more words

2. Bradman the wicket keeper

Bradman’s average without Jardine’s Bodyline series would be well over 100, in fact, it would be 104.76 instead of 99.94. 

On the third night, Sadhu seemed to pluck out strings of numbers from thin air. 113 more words

Aranya Puthi: 1001 Forest Tales

An Outfit Recap

There have been a few events in the past couple of months, and I have not posted any updates or outfit posts for any of them.  530 more words

The third Bodyline review - Positive!

Hi again frillies! It’s not been toooo long since my last post, thankfully :) I actually got two packages of new lolita things one day after the other – I’m splitting them into two posts, so this one will be for my third Bodyline order, and the other will be about my Clobba/Infanta order. 524 more words