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GWC Day 50 - Confessions + Recipe

Ok guys. Confession time: I skipped my Day 12 and Day 15 workouts to let my ankle have some rest from jumping and high knees…horrible, I know! 293 more words

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GWC DAY 47/48/49 - injuries suck

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been absent the past couple days! I’ve been nursing a hurt left ankle…

On Friday, I went out for a run with the baby I watch and after about 2.5 miles, my left ankle started to ache to the point that I felt as if I could not run without hurting myself. 310 more words

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Day 46 - All for Laughs

Hey guys!

Put in my miles today in the form of a 4.5 mile walk since it was frigid this morning and I couldn’t run without my lungs collapsing…ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. 48 more words

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GWC Day 45 - seeing results?

Happy hump day!

Does anyone else feel a little awkward when people say that you on a Wednesday or is it just me?

Today I decided to take the little one to the zoo for her “adventure time” as we call it, so I did my 3 mile walk with my pups when I got home from work. 232 more words

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GWC DAY 44 - Rest Day!!

APRIL FOOLS! We all know I don’t have rest days!

This morning I knocked out a 5K in the rain. Nothing cooler than realizing mid downpour that your workout pants are water repellent! 141 more words

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Spring Is Here!!

Finally many parts of the country are emerging from their winter misery, and the temps are going up (who am I to talk I spend my time between Arizona and Southern California!) But, even without bone-chilling cold temperatures my motivation to workout bottoms out in the winter season. 232 more words

GWC Day 43 - Last Day of March + Recipe

Can you believe that tomorrow is April 1st?!

Where did the first quarter of 2014 go?!

Anywho. Today I knocked out a 3 mile walk because I felt as if my hip flexors were tight and I didn’t want to take the chance of pulling them and taking myself out of training for the week. 448 more words

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