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I'm on a goshdarn roll....

This is going to be brief because my focus level today is -234023084089.

Lunch “workout” – Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge – Day 6 (Day 5 was a rest day I think cause I couldn’t find it) 413 more words


Two days in a row?! = SUCCESS!

Helllooooooo virtual way of talking to myself!

I have THREE (3) THREEEEE new photos to post today! They include my dinner from last night, my breakfast from this morning, and my lunch which I am currently eating. 825 more words


The Start Line

So today I took my beginning measurements and weight. I highly recommend getting a measuring tape to track your progress as the scales can be really deceiving, I personally know that my weight fluctuates quite a bit. 332 more words


The Truth

And here it is: The truth. I am a Taurus! You did not see this coming, right? But there is more, just wait…

As a Taurus I love the good things in life. 1,212 more words

Health & Fitness

FIT TEST for Bodyrock!

My favourite exercise apart from running is body rock if you don’t know what that is check it out!¬†http://www.bodyrock.tv High intensity interval training that gives you that awesome pain/burn feel! 217 more words


Hello 2015

2015 is a new year, a fresh start, a new beginning! Its the year to make a change not just ” I WANNA GET FIT AND LOSE ALL MY FAT!” but “I NEED TO LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF”. 168 more words