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Inflation... the last piece?

Rising interest rates. This is on the mind of every investor with money in the stock or bond market. When will they rise? By how much? 423 more words


Sterling faces important week with Scottish Referendum.

The pound is facing a lot of key events this week while it is trading slightly off a ten-month low. A survey over the last weekend that showed more support for the breakup of Scotland from the United Kingdom had pushed sterling sharply lower. 475 more words

Monetary Policy Review for Bank of England , European Central Bank and Central Bank of Sweden as on 4th September 2014

Monetary Policy Review for #BankOfEngland #EuropeanCentralBank and #CentralBankOfSweden as on 4th September 2014

Bank of England #BOE maintained its #BankRate at 0.5% per annum
and leaves asset purchase program at £375 billion . 104 more words

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Drinking Party

Last night I had my first enkai (drinking party). I wasn’t sure what to expect, because all my bosses would be there. I was a little nervous! 332 more words


Gold May Rise LONG Before Inflation

The fact that inflation is well under control might seem a compelling bearish argument for gold. But gold has a tendency to anticipate inflation – and the lead time can be substantial. 84 more words

Notes From Underground: Mark Carney Lives Up to His Name (A Master of the Strange and Inane)

Did he really say that about currencies and sovereignty? In an article in tomorrow’s Financial Times it is reported that Mark Carney said during a Q&A that a “… currency union between England and an independent Scotland would be ‘ incompatible with sovereignty.'” Carney said a currency union needed three elements for success. 440 more words


Why Is One Man's Debased Currency Another Man's Treasure?

Though the US dollar has been very strong lately, it seems important for us to keep in mind that though the dollar’s value is increasing, it’s increasing versus other currencies – multiple of which have been (and are being) debased via money creation (think UK, Japan…and perhaps soon the Eurozone). 75 more words