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"chance is an utterly empty word"

“If anyone should define chance as a happening produced at random and without causal relationships, I would say that accidents don’t occur at all, and I believe chance is an utterly empty word, without any real reference to an underlying reality…”

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Divine Plan

Such statements as those expressed in the first panel have always struck me as odd. The speaker asserts some form of knowledge unobtainable by rational means, but then tries to make rational arguments about them. 706 more words


B is for Brevity (sort of) ... and Boethius

Brevity, the soul of wit, doesn’t require much explanation, though I’m probably nearly as bad as Polonius for actually putting the aphorism into practice. Maybe I should go back to my earlier rule that my Inn posts had to be under 500 words? 1,325 more words

Explorations In The Commonwealth Of Letters

Boethius, "The Consolations of Philosophy"

Why then do you mortals look for happiness when it is really to be found within yourselves? Error and ignorance confuse you. Let me briefly show you on what the greatest happiness really turns. 710 more words


The Wheel card, Boethius, Boccaccio and Pasolini

The idea that there is a hidden force behind human actions known as fate or fortune was prevalent in the middle ages. One of the most important books from that period is “The consolation of philosophy”. 1,846 more words

Tarot Philosophy

Hell and Technology

“Hell is to suffer one’s own will forever.” –Boethius

“Technology is man’s effort to reduce as far as possible the interval between the individual desire and its fulfillment.” –Philokalos… 93 more words

A Time for All Things

“But the time,” said she, “calls rather for healing than for lamentation. . . . let me now wipe his eyes that are clouded with a mist of mortal things.” 8 more words