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Travel-infused beef braises

While Maggie and I were travelling in Europe earlier this year, I ate four traditional dishes of braised beef: boeuf bourguignon (French), beef goulash (Hungarian), svickova omacka (Czech) and tafelspitz (Austrian). 1,233 more words


My take on boeuf bourguignon

I totally underestimated the amount of work that goes into a boeuf bourguignon. Tedious hours spend preparing the  onions and meat, frying everything individually and adding the herbs and stock at exactly the right time. 255 more words


Dreaming of France and a Cottage Pie...

Ever since I was a young girl I have always loved France and it was 4 years ago almost exactly that made my first trip across the pond. 1,052 more words


Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy

Today’s Father’s Day, and that means beef at our house. Usually it’s steak, but this year, I’m making another favorite: beef burgundy, or boeuf bourguignon, in fancy-pants. 504 more words

In The Kitchen

I Will Remember You and Ancient Grains

Why is it so hard to unfriend our friends on Facebook? I don’t think I’m the only one who suffers with this problem. On an episode of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother, for the uninitiated), this phenomenon, dubbed “Graduation Goggles”, comes up and is discussed in detail. 762 more words

Côte: French à l’anglaise

What do you get if you take a Parisian brasserie, strip out any French words on the menu and transport it to England? Côte.

Very successful this business model has proved too. 178 more words

Food And Wine

Boeuf Bourguignon Sous Vide : 24h : 60c

I’ve posted about beef bourguignon in the past, but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of trying a different approach. Since this sous vide-meat kick doesn’t seem to end, I figured I’d try something fun. 1,365 more words