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Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon

After recently visiting France and then watching Julie & Julia, I was inspired to channel my inner Julia Child and share a recipe from the cooking goddess herself. 566 more words


A Burgundy beef to keep warm !

For a “boeuf bourguignon” :

Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 2 hours

1 kg of beef (gîte, macreuse, paleron ou jumeau),1 large onion
2 carrots… 156 more words


Beef & Red Wine

Boeuf Bourguignon, Pot au feu, Braised lamb shoulder… are all recipes I save for the colder months when it’s lovely to have the house warmed with the slow-cooking atmosphere and flooded with the rich aromas of the dishes for hours long. 497 more words

Comfort Food

Back to classic French cuisine for a dinner at home: boeuf Bourguignon and mousseline au chocolat

Yesterday was a damp, misty, chilly day so very suitable to serve our dinner guests a classic boeuf Bourguignon (or, if you prefer, boeuf a la Bourguignonne); very filling so a simple, light starter (more below) and a small but rich classic desert – mousseline au chocolat – with a little side of fresh fruit to offset the richness. 1,462 more words

Beef Burgandy

As we come into colder weather, we can now start making those dishes that heat up our kitchens that are generally avoided in the Summer. This Beef Burgandy is one of those, and one of the tastiest dishes I have ever made. 688 more words


Dining with Expectation

After four years of monthly gatherings, we all agree that it was a bad decision to name our monthly supper club Dinner Divas. However, at the time of its inception, I was eager to start a supper club and simply reused a name of a previous dinner group that had fizzled out. 446 more words

Southern Burgundy: Day 4 -- Perrecey-les-Forges, Issy-l'évêque, Anzy-le-Duc, and more adventures

This post will be short. I started at Perrecey-les-Forges, a nice church in a foggy background. I saw three interesting capitals, one of a mermaid, the other one of Luxury in a wooden tub, and one of elephants (!) — intriguing and quite original. 583 more words