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should you quit blogging?

Have you ever wondered if you should just quit blogging?

I certainly have. 

You know how it goes. You’re tooling around in blog land and you happen upon a blog that attracted a thousand followers in one week. 249 more words


Just So You'd Know

Someone who follow my blogs asked:
” why my sudden change in perspective”

Well, would’nt you be if your blog is being monitored? :)

Yes folks. 279 more words

Day 2

Daily Gratitude List:
1. I’m healthy; all of my senses are intact, I have no significant health issues.
2. My family is healthy, my parents have no significant health issues. 531 more words


Day 1

Today, a sudden craving for spontaneity dawned on me. As I was laying in bed, on a 29 degree, sunny, Melbourne day, reading Anna Funder’s “Stasiland”, I had a sudden desire to take up a new hobby. 360 more words


Dashing through the bush

Yes, Australians’ celebrate Christmas. We have fake snow on windows, ugly tshirts in place of jumpers and towering pine¬†trees sitting awkwardly in the hot lounge rooms of middle class Melbourne. 288 more words


My Bad

There are certain things I remember about the girls now that they are back for Christmas:

– We need to keep an entire cow in the refrigerator… 87 more words

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