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My Latest Obsessions...

I have two new obsessions. One is batik. I don’t think I do it the way it is mostly done but my way works for me and I’m trying new techniques all the time. 338 more words


Two Little Witches.

Once upon a time in a land far far away were two little Witches. They both lived in the same kingdom. And they both went to the very small and selective school of witchcraft. 679 more words

Bohemian Life

Yeah, That's Gonna Be A Great Day...someday...

I saw a post on Facebook this morning that asked the question what did you spend the most time doing as a kid. I remember it well. 442 more words


Some of the Things I Love....

i have been in the moment all day long! Yay! I even got in some meditation time this morning so yay again. BijouĀ is hanging out on my shoulder lol. 681 more words


Living In The Now

Another day has escaped me! I got up extra early worked on art until my family got up, made breakfast and wham! The day is gone. 135 more words


The Viking, the White Tiger and the Mermaid. Part II

The Viking Mermaid was enchanted (Read why in Part I here). She fluttered and spun in the Ocean and discovered places that were beautiful beyond her imagination. 834 more words


Steal Some Covers and Stay In Bed or Get Up and Make Art...cause it's a rainy morning...

The morning has dawned just magical!! I would squeal with delight but my family slumbers on so I’ll refrain…for now. I love love love rainy mornings the most!! 404 more words