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Deep Thoughts & Pomegranate Seeds

So, I’m sitting here now by my bay window, James Ingram singing on my Pandora, money drawing incense burning, heater making things toasty and cozy in my studio as my family chills nearby…Wayne’s reading, probably with a kitten in his lap and Sky just brought me a fresh cup of java and is now watching YouTube from his nest (his favorite chair). 368 more words

My Bohemian Life

The Princess is still the frog.

It seemed that our very own Princess had mastered all the gifts and learnings she had received from the animal and enchanted realm (Go back to The Princess is the Frog. 768 more words

Bohemian Life

Art, Music and Coffee in the Country...Life is Good!

Right now I’m scanning art for my agent and listening to some good music. The evening is closing in and the windows that are still open will soon have to close as the chill sets in. 358 more words


November ACEOs, It's dark way too early! and Life is so Good!

Okay since Sweet November has just begun I don’t feel like it’s too late! I’m gonna make a new aceo everyday. I’m going to scan them and the originals I’m gonna color and the scans…I’m gonna print and sell in my etsy shop at the end of the month as a complete set to be colored and embellished however the buyer chooses! 240 more words


Monday....Art, Menus, and Life

So, the whole family participated in the midnight release of Sky’s game last night. It was soooo cold y’all! Luckily Rainy and her boyfriend, Michael showed up with a nice warm car and saved my feet which were in two pairs of socks and boots, from frost bite! 301 more words


Found a Border Collie, Bought some Incense, and Going to the Midnight Release of Sky's game...you know, a Sunday...

Coming home from the flea market today we found an abandoned dog! We brought it home Piper watched the show from the kitchen’s island interested but Bijou freaked out because of her kittens and Thor was like no way!! 516 more words


It's Halloween!!!

It’s Halloween! It’s Friday the 31st reversed that would be Friday the 13th! I love love love Halloween! I love October and now it’s almost over. 358 more words