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Food, Family, Fun and Art...It Really Is A Wonderful Life

I made a brand new recipe yesterday. It was apparently very tasty since after dinner last night which didn’t happen until 9:30pm, there were no left overs at all. 445 more words


Christmas Is Back!!!! 2:25 am Christmas Tree Re-Lighting!!

Christmas is indeed back! It arrived with the tree re-lighting at 2:25 am this morning! We started this project Friday after lunch time around 3:00 pm and in the wee hours of Monday morning (but we prefer to think of it as Sunday night) we finished! 271 more words

My Bohemian Life

Knocking Down Walls...no, really, knocking down walls!

It’s December so you know what that means! It means Wayne is knocking down walls and redoing the living room! We’re in total chaos tonight! The tree lights aren’t even plugged in and it’s currently sitting in the middle of the living room! 42 more words

Country Living

Tasty Food, Art and Life...It's all Good!

I used a brand new recipe today. It was so fun to make and pretty quick too. I used canned biscuits and cut them into eights but I held back two. 435 more words


My New Favorite Coffee, Rice Crispy Treats and Life

I’m running so late but I’ve been playing Santa’s helper all day long! I love love love this time of year. I love the twinkling lights and the hot cocoa and the cold cold cold days! 398 more words


From Creepy Afternoon Walk On A Steely Gray Day to Comfort Food...Life is Good!

Have you ever seen the old movie, Jane Eyre? Do you remember the tortured demented rants and screams of Mr. Rochester’s crazy locked away wife? Imagine that, those kinds of screams as you are out walking on a cloudy already darkening day. 394 more words


Deep Thoughts & Pomegranate Seeds

So, I’m sitting here now by my bay window, James Ingram singing on my Pandora, money drawing incense burning, heater making things toasty and cozy in my studio as my family chills nearby…Wayne’s reading, probably with a kitten in his lap and Sky just brought me a fresh cup of java and is now watching YouTube from his nest (his favorite chair). 368 more words

My Bohemian Life