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Three Big Bad Wolves. Part I

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, actually in three different lands very far from each other, lived three Big Bad Wolves. One Big Bad Wolf lived in the Mountain, he was the wittiest out of the three. 536 more words


MTV Back When...and...Memories, What Would Life Be Without Them?

Cryby10cc is playing on my Pandora, the sun is setting and the incense is burning and all is well as another day draws to a close. 349 more words


Today...A Slide Show...

Today’s blog is going to be slide show of the day.  Hope you enjoy it :D Meet me back here tomorrow ok! 22 more words


Just Another Day In The Country...Bliss....

I think we skipped fall today and headed straight into winter! It’s so cold! It’s been really beautiful though! Gray and drizzly and so so so chilly! 260 more words


Just Give Me That Countryside and Art Supplies Too!

So I went art supply shopping today. I had a gift card for ten dollars and I used it to buy my crayon caddie. It’s 152 different colors including glitter crayons, metallic crayons, neon crayons and a glorious array of colors!!!! 791 more words


Two Little Witches. Part II

The years went by and the Witchcraft School ended for the two young witches (read Part I here). It was time for them to take their magic unto the world. 745 more words

Bohemian Life

Something Strange Is Going On Around Here...Mischievous Ghosties!

Ok, so what I’m about to tell you is the absolute truth as it always is with me and  you. The reason I’m stating this fact is because when I type what has happened you may think I’m embellishing or something but I’m not!! 612 more words