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Saying A Thousand Words In Silence

My next few post will not have any original pictures done by me. Due to unfortunate events(some mentioned in my last post) I will not have the camera I was using for my blog. 683 more words


The Butterfly Effect.

Once upon a time, in a plentiful land far away lived a herd of horses. Some of them where brown, some of them were black and some of them were grey. 690 more words

Bohemian Life

Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Tambourine and Puddle Jump too!

I used to keep my now long long long hair cut really short, you know like Maggie on Northern Exposure, but now I can’t imagine doing that. 558 more words

Country Living

.25 Book Sale! Here's what I do with garlic and Exciting stuff with my Art!! There's a secret at the end...

Our Restore had a .25 book sale yesterday, it’s actually going on through Saturday so I may go back!! I bought eight books!! Many of them are cook books! 731 more words


Today's To Do List, Grocery List, Menus and Random Life Stuff...there's a secret at the end...

Oh my gosh y’all! Today is going to be the busiest day ever! I’ve already showered, dressed (Japanese Blossom lotion again!). I’ve done yoga and tai chi and fed the pets and washed clothes and now they’re in the dryer. 683 more words


How's That For 2015

First week in 2015 and what an emotional ride it’s been so far. While I thought something amazing was going to happen at the beginning of the year, life decided to change my path, just a tad bit. 442 more words


Having a Very Artsy Saturday :D

Oh my gosh y’all! It’s been a great day! I slept until almost 5am! Took a shower, dressed in my softest baggiest clothes and after the usual morning chores of liter box and laundry and feeding the pets….after this stuff, I practiced Tai Chi and started making art! 378 more words