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Tarsiers, one of the Smallest Primates

They have large eyes that equal the size of their brain. As they are solitary animals, they can be quite aggressive (despite their tiny frame) when there’s competition over a mate or territory. 21 more words


Hershey's Chocolate Hills

The name was given because they resemble Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses when they turn chocolate brown during the hot season (when grasses dry up and turn brown). 57 more words


there's always something about bohol

panglao post(s) coming up soon.

just please don’t ask me how soon “soon” is.


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... In Bohol!

Last Friday, August 22, 2014, we headed to Bohol to visit the Bellevue Bohol Resort that my parents and some other bloggers, were invited to blog about. 913 more words


Picturing Bohol: 10 Reasons to Visit

Fall in love with the natural wonders and relish this province’s old charm.

1. Tarsier. Watch the smallest living primate in the world sleep (or wide awake) in their natural habitat. 236 more words


Bohol, Philippines

“Balik sa Bohol, balik!”

The guy with the guitar sang on. The words were in the Visayan dialect which translated to “Come back to Bohol, come back”. 683 more words


Snake Cake (Moroccan M'hanncha)

Back in Bangkok 3 years ago, when I first baked the snake cake, Andrei and Arthur had fun with it.  I can clearly remember their first reaction – it was precious :-) I wanted to recreate that moment by baking another… 485 more words