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Bohol Getaway -Day 1 & 2

Since we had a long weekend thanks to a holiday, our family decided on a last minute 4 day/3 nights getaway to Bohol. It was a much needed vacation since our summer travel was mostly due to personal family business.   520 more words

Rapper Illinit releases single inspired by a Philippine Island, BOHOL

Just today, September 1, rapper Illinit, released his mixtape “Let’s Walk” with a track titled “BOHOL”. According to the article originally posted by Hiphopplaya, Illinit has visited the Philippines last year specifically in Bohol, and has ever since been inspired to do a song about it. 68 more words

bohol: the province that it is

a lot of people probably hold the idea that bohol is all about white sand beaches and modern, quality resorts growing like mushrooms. in panglao, that may be the case. 148 more words


Tarsiers, one of the Smallest Primates

They have large eyes that equal the size of their brain. As they are solitary animals, they can be quite aggressive (despite their tiny frame) when there’s competition over a mate or territory. 21 more words


Hershey's Chocolate Hills

The name was given because they resemble Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses when they turn chocolate brown during the hot season (when grasses dry up and turn brown). 57 more words


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