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Olivier salad


  • 300 g of chicken breast
  • 300 g of potatoes
  • 300 g of carrots
  • 300 g of diced pickled cucumbers (pickles)
  • 4 eggs
  • 300 g of mayonnaise…
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Sour Cream

Soup, salad and angel eggs

It’s Friday evening, it has been a shattering week.

I got home just before eight pm and decided to make another salad and soup combination. 50 more words

Soup And Salad

Imagine if this was your blind date. I'd feel more comfortable if Chris Hansen popped up and asked me to have a seat.

As you enter the living room and take in the scene you silently curse yourself for trusting Brock from the billing department when he told you that his sister “is a really nice person” and ponder your chances of escaping with your life as you gaze upon the contents of the refrigerator that have been flung underneath the lawnmower then dumped into serving bowls, the carefully coordinated candle/kimono color scheme, and the home crematorium system. 137 more words

Vintage Food

We Keep On Keeping On. There's Also Chicken.

Good morning, girlie.  :)  Where have you been?  Judging by the view from where we sit, you’re still struggling.  You haven’t been tracking, you’ve still been eating low carb, but maybe still with eating ok foods in not-ok amounts? 218 more words

Easy Easter Egg Experiment

More than likely you’ll have plenty of boiled eggs around this Easter. So instead of just coloring them why don’t you do something useful with them… like using them to show kids how important it is that they brush… 175 more words


Kettle Eggs

I learned this nifty trick from Alton Brown, clever chef from the Food Network.  When we visited the U.K. some years back I noticed that all the folks there had an electric kettle in the kitchen for getting the water ready for tea.   103 more words


Another Outstanding Breakfast Morning...

Hello Morning! I was famish this morning!  I was so hungry I felt I could eat a horse!  I made another outstanding breakfast that satisfies any appetite.  76 more words