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Karl’s Deviled Eggs Sichuan

One of the benefits of Easter is leftover hard boiled eggs that must be used up quickly. By itself, a plain boiled egg is a bit dry. 592 more words


How I start my day?

When I wake up in the morning, I just pray to God for giving me such a wonderful life. I also try to begin my day in a healthy way. 489 more words


Marble-ous Easter Eggs

It’s not only because they’re made of chocolate that I love Easter eggs, but also because they come in pretty packages. So I thought I might try and decorate my own eggs (the high protein variety). 480 more words

Kitchen 585

A Perfect Springtime Breakfast

We woke up to frost this morning.

Frost … in mid-April!

“Oh, no!” I said to the husband. “The asparagus!”

I raced outside, crunching ( 229 more words


Eggs as an Artist's Canvas

Easter is next Sunday. There’s no getting around it, not that I’d want to.

Easter is a joyous occasion for us Christians. Jesus died and rose for my/our sins. 292 more words


Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Centering Egg Yolks

With both Easter and Passover occurring this week, many people have hard boiled eggs on their minds.

When making deviled eggs, it’s nice to have the yolks perfectly centered in the whites, to allow them to be stuffed evenly, and to look more presentable on the plate. 71 more words


Got Eggs? Eggs-ellent Egg Salad

A long time favorite at lunch counters, egg salad is a good way to use up dyed boiled eggs at Easter. Please use caution and safety and do not use eggs that have been off refrigeration for longer than six hours for any food purposes. 309 more words