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One thing I have really loving about Boise is that it really is getting it’s own sense of identity. I read somewhere that in order for a city to be considered unique- it has to have a sense of place- I think Boise, and Idaho itself definately does. 76 more words


Morning View

My most patent moments often occur as I sit quietly in the early morning, watching the sun linger for a moment behind the Cascades as it ponders rising one more time. 281 more words


The Sweet Seat of Serenity

Located less than a half mile from our door, I’ve come to think of this bench as my serenity bench. A peaceful location to lift lids and check the progress on various pots simmering on the back burner of my mind. 97 more words

Laurie Buchanan

Winter Sundays

The warmth of the fire, after a long run in the cold, with the sun setting.

Homemade pizza and wings. Football.  All in this amazing place we get to call home. 8 more words


Pale Ghosts and Fallen Cities

50% of the time I make up my familial history and background.  The other two-thirds I’m just tired and wish I could go home. Something about this time of year does that to a man, I suppose. 534 more words


Squash Gratin on the Interview Trail

The interview trail is a curious path— I’m a little weary of taking the tour through all the possible different versions of my future self, because it turns out the hall of mirrors goes on in infinite reflection. 390 more words