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The Lords giveth...

…and the Lords giveth again

Just as you were thinking the central bankers’ levitation elixir was looking a little drained after the conclusion of the Fed’s QE program, the Bank of Japan has come out with a big surprise, adding to its own QE program. 290 more words

Lunch treats, 31/10/2014 - Halloween candy from the BOJ!

And, more stimulus! The BOJ decided to really fire-hose the economy with liquidity in stepping up yen monetary base (see more on the effects on the Hong Kong equivalent… 871 more words

Market Reflections

Nôž (Tento Svet)

Fyzický svet obklopujúci ľudské telo je rozdelený na:  neživé objekty, rastliny, zvieratá a zvyšok ostatných ľudí.  A vzťah ľudí so svetom je buď primeraný alebo neprimeraný.  562 more words


Veľký Boj (Boj vlastného ja)

Srdce človeka je medzi dvomi prstami Dobročinného. Satan je prstom a anjel je prstom, temnota je prst a svetlo je prst alebo ignorancia je prstom a Myseľ je prstom. 616 more words


Phase Two Of Commodities Super Cycle To Be About Investment Demand?

The previous decade’s great bull market in commodities was characterized by surging demand from emerging markets and has been said to have ended on both reduced growth in that demand and the supply response to higher prices (suppliers producing greater quantities to capitalize on higher prices). 229 more words

Notes From Underground: Larry Summers In Mister October

There is not doubt that Larry Summers is excited by October G-20 and IMF meetings as the top policy makers meet to discuss the state of the world economy and other significant global interests. 766 more words


Post-storm refreshers, 06/10/2014 - Japanese market levels on the rise?

The wind hadn’t even settled and there were a bunch of people in Tokyo trying to put a lot of extra air under the Nikkei 225 index and the USD/JPY rates. 712 more words

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