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Review: The Little Death (Warning: Naughty Language)

Of all of this year’s directors making their feature film debut, Josh Lawson has arguably the highest profile. Not only is he a respected comedian making us all piss our pants in home-grown shows like Thank God You’re Here and Kinne, he’s also made an impression overseas starring opposite Don Cheadle in House of Cards – whoops, I mean House of Lies – and as a Rupert Murdoch inspired media mogul in Anchorman 2. 355 more words


31 Days of Horror: Film 4: Devil (2010)

It’s time for the 31 Days of Horror: 2014 Edition. For those of you who weren’t around for last year’s journey, the plan is to watch at least 31 horror movies I’ve never seen before and review them all. 824 more words

31 Days Of Horror