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Sesame Steamed Greens

Making vegetables for a side dish should be fast and require just a few ingredients.  Steaming fits the bill: it’s quick and easy, and as an added bonus, most of the nutrients in the vegetables are preserved through steaming. 428 more words

Diabetes Friendly

Impromptu Stir Fry - tofu, mushrooms, bok choy, and more!

Stir fry is like many of my other favorite meals to cook – versatile, easy, and full of endless possibilities.  Like quiche, pastas, hash, and many more, stir fry is developed out of what is on hand, and it also offers a great way to combine lots of veggies and good, lean protein.   463 more words


Hot and Sour Noodle Soup

Konjac (a.k.a. Konyakku) is a fairly new ingredient to me. A few months back I tried vegan seafood made from konjac powder, but I had no idea how many uses it had. 482 more words


Oh Boy, Bok Choy

Why haven’t I been eating more Bok Choy?!

Bok Choy is a type of Chinese cabbage. Six ounces of bok choy covers your daily requirement of Vitamin A and Vitamin C (and then some). 222 more words


Mung Bean Pasta

I have been trying to use my cookbooks more often. My effort has paid off with a lot of new knowledge about ingredients and some great go-to recipes that I never knew I always had, sitting right there on the bookcase in my kitchen. 630 more words

Steamed BUNS!

For anyone that has ever had a Chinese steamed bun, you know how absolutely delightful they are. So much flavor and power in such a little doughy, squishy ball of goodness. 574 more words