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Are you kidding me!? Part 3

Welcome to another lovely addition of: I paid money for this? What the crap?

Anime Figures

"Feminist Otaku" = An Oxymoron?

I have been thinking a lot about feminism lately. Specifically, I have been thinking about how gender politics relate to the anime fandom. It’s widely acknowledged that otaku culture is sexist and that the vast majority of anime marginalise women by objectifying or “Othering” them. 1,590 more words


The Regrettable Two-and-a-Half Stars Neighbours Club

“I like you, Sena.”

Sena’s eyes opened wide, coloured with joy. I continued.

“But I can’t be in a relationship with you.”

“Huh?” said Sena blankly. 1,373 more words

Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

figure post: Yozora Mikazuki



it’s time for another figure posting :3
this time it is “Yozora Mikazuki” from
the anime “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai”.

i’ve been waiting the whole first season… 9 more words


University Idol Project

  • So… they posted Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai‘s first anime key visual. They also posted Nagi and the first heroine’s rough image don’t remember the name because I only care for Nagi…
  • 191 more words

5 Of The Cutest Anime Girls

Everyone likes cute anime girls. I’ve taken my time to list five of the girls that I find to be the cutest among all of the anime girls I had the pleasure of watching thus far. 185 more words


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Review (12/2011)

Take an outcast with strange hair and no parental supervision, give him a club full of anime girls (there’s a girl for every male viewer) and watch as hilarity ensues and nothing much is accomplished. 1,144 more words