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I am thankful - August edition

Wow. It’s been a month, that’s for sure. Life is very….different? This was Kellan and my first full month in Arkansas. It’s ready hot, you guys. 2,206 more words


our first Arkansas ER visit

Okay, so, this is for everyone (anyone?) who reads my monthly thankfulness wrap up. Towards the end of the month, you will read these exact words: 1,034 more words


it's rolling away!

So, let it be known that we bought a $20 watermelon the other weekend.

Yes, you read that correctly.

A twenty dollar watermelon.

Twenty. Dollars. 1,008 more words


What is Fear doing to you? And to me!

Do you have fear? You are not sure? How about I will describe the symptoms and you will define what type of fear you have if you have one. 804 more words

Bold Life Theme

Yay!! I’ve completed my WordPress.com class. And as I’ve said before, it was mostly a review. But I did learn a few new things, so I’m actually glad I took the course. 180 more words


I am thankful - July edition.

Wow! I’m almost halfway through the year of thankfulness.

I’m not entirely sure it has actually changed me in any way, to be honest, but I’m going to keep it up nonetheless. 1,860 more words


I mean, is this even interesting?

Moment of truth: 99% of the reason I’m rarely blogging is because 100% of the posts come from my phone and it is a PITA to type a blog post ON YOUR PHONE. 373 more words