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I am not sure if it the impending holiday season that is upon us or something else that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I’m feeling….lonely. 214 more words


I am thankful - October edition

Wow. It’s been a super busy month, you guys….

October 1: Kellan and his crazy vocabulary. I asked him if he was finished eating his snack and his response? 1,174 more words


One Way To Know Yourself

Ask questions to yourself as many as you can.

You will be amazed that the person(your true self) you find out from the answers is very different with who you think you are. 6 more words


Wake on Up from Your Slumber

All these victims stand in line for

Crumbs that fall from the table

Just enough to get by

All the while your invitation

Wake on up from your slumber… 201 more words

God's Plan

I am thankful - September edition

And we are just plugging along, here…..the most adorable thing happened on the last day of the month, by the way. Also, I didn’t have time to grammar and spell/autocorrect check, so I apologize for the errors that probably exist. 1,930 more words