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Tranformative Assets and Debts In Latin America: 1492-?

           The themes planted in this article will primarily take root in Latin America—referring to the central and southern region of the Americas, still a grossly overlooked population of avoidable hunger and victimization. 844 more words


Bienvenido a mi vida en Bolivia!

After a few days of keeping you all in suspense, I am at last ready to write my first blog post, in country!

Before I begin, I want to take just one more moment to thank everyone who helped me to make it to where I am today.  774 more words


Wow, talk about complicated!

But I love it!  In Quechua Review class this morning, my tutor and I started translating through the book of Ezequiel, from my “in English” thought processes, to Don Daniel’s Spanish and Aymara thought processes, to Quechua thought processes.   29 more words


The Yummy and Nourishing Treat of a Book

Even though I think I would never eat of these fun-looking Potosi street cakes, they ARE a joy to gaze upon.  Something about them makes me want to laugh happily.   43 more words


The Motor Racing in Sucre

Just a quick video to give you an idea…


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Mass grave of hundreds unearthed in Bolivia

Construction workers in Bolivia have stumbled upon a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of people, likely indigenous miners who died during the Spanish colonial era, a researcher has said. 281 more words


The lie that “There is no alternative” to neo-liberal economic policies

Supporters of President Maduro in Venezuela rally

By Mike Treen

Since the 1980s we have had drubbed into our heads that there was no alternative to the economic and social policies unleashed at that time. 1,191 more words

International Solidarity