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The Peacemaker

Russian Emporer Alexander III of Russia, was known in his time as “the peacemaker” because Russia fought in no major wars during his time  This is of course, in stark contrast to his son Nicholas II, who accomplished anything but peace.  177 more words


Short Film Saturday: Anastasia Dancing with Czarina and Her Sisters

This is another short I found thanks to Movies Silently. Ever since I learned the tale of the fall of Czarist Russia an the Bolshevik revolution it’s been a story that fascinated me on either side. 34 more words

Short Film Saturday

Lada Ray: Judgment and the Future of Humanity, June 24, 2014

Source/Posted by Lada Ray

One of my readers posted this wise comment in response to my two pieces and a reader discussion. These are the articles in question:   1,431 more words


Bolshevik Cinema: The Formative Experience of the Civil War and the Work of Dziga Vertov.

We need cadres of workers who are free from the habits and strivings of the old bourgeois entrepreneurial hacks and are able to elevate the cinema to the heights of the artistic and socio-political tasks facing the proletariat! 3,266 more words

Marxist manic pixie girls

It’s hard to imagine a Healy Lawn devoid of Vineyard Vines and Sperry Top Siders. But even Georgetown had an edgier age when The Who and The Grateful Dead were typical lineups at our spring concert. 771 more words

Book Reviews

Holocaust: The Great Lie of the 20th Century

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”