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The Cliffnote Chronicles: What The Hell Happened To The USSR?

We all know that understanding a little something about everything as a young professional is a key to surviving not only your new social circle but your workplace relationships as well. 749 more words

Cool Story


White and Red.


The color of purity,

The color of death,

The color of peace,

The color of nobility,

The color of the absolute monarchy that oppressed, conquered, nurtured and protected people of a primitive race that were children of ice and snow. 313 more words


Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution

Antony Sutton interview – professor of economics at California State University

The following documentary made by Jura Lina, explains in detail the birth of Communism. It starts with Trotsky’s visit to New York to meet Wall Street mogul Jacob Schiff. 22 more words

Eastern Europe

My Great Uncle, Bolshevism

Although my surname was partially americanized during its immigration to the United States several generations back, my (now) wife was quite exuberant to shirk her short, stout English name in favor of one she would have to practice spelling out for medical appointments and acquaintances (both new and old) until she’s laid in the ground for good. 2,464 more words


Stalin on Islam

“We are told that among the Daghestan peoples the Sharia is of great importance. We have also been informed that the enemies of Soviet power are spreading rumours that it has banned the Sharia. 221 more words

Brother to Bruder (Christmas Truce)

Today Jewish politicians constantly speak of achieving ‘transparency’ in Government yet ironically before she was devastated by war Europe’s maintenance was open and evident in its system of treaties. 1,729 more words