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One confused horse

A new mare came in for training recently. Rima is a young Lipizzan mare who had fallen through the cracks after her original elderly owner had to give her up due to failing health. 326 more words

Training Observations

The Holodeck

“Not many women are bolting routes.”  Roger remarked one day as I was gazing up at my most recent line.  “And the thing is, you just get on with it.” 386 more words

New Bolt in Belay of Solstice and Equinox

Last night I attended a Bolting Workshop at Bus Stop Quarry, delivered by Chris Parkin.  As part of remaining current and striving to improve our knowledge technically and professionally, us members of the… 480 more words

Rock Climbing

Meeting Mike

I’m fairly new to climbing.  With a mere 8 years under the belt I am often reminded of just how little time I have spent on the rock when I go to slide shows, read old magazine articles or, like today, get to meet one of the legends of our climbing history and then make the faux pas of knowing absolutely nothing about how they have contributed to the rich history of our wonderful sport. 471 more words

A Little Bit of Bounce

Rebound. We’ve all been there – either as the rebounder (person rebounding) or the reboundee (the recipient of attention from the rebounder). When you are the rebounder it’s a bit of tragic fun, but as the reboundee it’s more like tragic heartbreak. 519 more words

The power of exhaustion

This past week I have exercised myself to exhaustion.  3 days in a row of bolting was more than I thought I would ever take on.   577 more words

Wondering what to Plant?

Plant a successive crop of lettuces.  What in the world does that mean?  By planting in ‘succession’ it will ensure that you have salads consistently throughout the summer.   75 more words

Planting Tips