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All About Underground Bomb Shelters

All About Underground Bomb Shelters

Different types of bomb shelters are manufactured to protect against nuclear, biological, chemical, and EMP warfare.

If you are seeking underground shelter protection visit… 1,193 more words

Biological Warfare

Underground Bomb Shelter Advice: Underground Shelter Checklist

Hello! I’m Bob The Bombshelter Dude!!

Many of you have been searching for the right shelter for your underground shelter protection needs, but you are unsure of what types of shelter’s there are. 1,189 more words

Biological Shelter

Fallout Shelters

TACDA received the following email from a concerned citizen:


Due to heightened world tensions I recently contacted Emergency Services here in Lane County Oregon to see if we had any public fallout shelters near my town of Florence. 2,057 more words

Self Protection

Digging Ancient Art - Literally: Cologne’s Dionysus Mosaic

Digging bomb shelters sounds miserable and can’t be happy work. There’s the dark, dank, underground drudgery, and then there’s, well, the threat that the bombs will arrive before the job is finished. 305 more words


Mussolini's Bunker Open To The Public

Mussolini’s bunker just opened for the public.

According to the AP:  “Mussolini had the bunker made by encapsulating the 19th-century villa’s underground kitchen area in reinforced concrete. 292 more words