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Friday Top 10: Black Sheep of the Franchise

by Thunderhulk

There have been many great video game franchises throughout history, and one thing that you tend to expect from a franchise is a consistent style of gaming. 576 more words

World Of Warcraft

Bomberman Land - Sony PSP

SONY PSP Strategy Games | Bomberman Land – Sony PSP

Adventure, Mini-games, and Multiplayer Action await you! Embark on a fun-filled, theme park adventure as you discover a hu… 19 more words

Super Smash Bros. DLC We'd Like To See

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS finally hit stores in the UK (3rd October) today with the Wii U version due for release this winter. The full character line-up showcases both unexpected characters like Duck Hunt and Wii Fit Trainer, and those who fans have wanted to Smash with for a long time, such as Mega Man, Little Mac and Pac Man. 1,248 more words


Grand List Update 9-28-14

  • Bomberman 2 (DS)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts (XB1)
  • Hogan’s Alley (NES)
  • Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)
  • Grand List Update

    Game Review: Bomber Friends (Android)

    Are you an 80’s kid? If you are, and you played games, you’ll remember Super Bomberman (or one of its successors) on the SNES. It was an incredibly addicting, fast, furious and frustrating game. 405 more words


    Gaming Humiliation: Constructor X in “Bomberman Generation”

    Look at me, the master of creating bizarre series, has done it again.  I have started another series, with this one’s purpose being to share with you all sections of games that range from really quite bad to very rather embarrassing.  320 more words