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Voyage of The MaidensCurse

Hold fast!
A wave could break the vessel
Old and forgotten 
Our ship remains strong
A crew of few to man the sails
At the helm… 137 more words


Turn to Rust

I believed your lie,
Time after time.
As I sit here and cry,
Trying to conjure up a rhyme.

I’ll never be the apple of your eye. 72 more words

HA:TFELT (YeEun) - Bond (feat. Beenzino)

You bad boy angmyeong nopeun Heart breaker
Injeonghagin sirchiman
I’’m crazy for you so crazy for you
C-C-Crazy for you 232 more words
Color Coded Lyrics

Bond - HA:TFELT (ft. Beenzino)


Album: Me?                       Artist: HA:TFELT (Wonder Girls)

HA:TFELT Beenzino

You bad boy angmyeong nopeun Heart breaker
injeonghagin sirchiman
I’m crazy for you so crazy for you… 237 more words


금융 상품 101


오늘은 개개인들이 쉽게 할수 있는 금융 상품의 종류에 대해 좀 알아 보겠습니다. 물론 대중적이고 기초적인 것들 (주로RRSP , TFSA, RESP 에서 살수 있는 상품들) 로만 적어 보겠습니다. 11 more words


The importance of a demand

In a recent case*, the Scottish Court of Session reiterated the importance of acting consistently with agreed procedures for making a demand under a performance bond. 605 more words


Enjoy His Presence

What is prayer?

Well, sometimes its a calming place of silence where we can find hope for a renewed mind and life. At other times we wrestle, and struggle for an opportunity to tell God what we’ve done wrong, and seek His forgiveness. 198 more words

Fire Tea