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Yesterday morning I took Momo and Pabu to the Vets for a checkup. I went in with what I thought was a male and a female glider and came out with two males. 259 more words

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Cute Little Faces

I finally got around to putting up some pictures of my gliders. The reddish male is Pabu and the grey female is Momo. This coming Saturday, they will have their first vet appointment. 157 more words



Everything that I have read has said that it takes time and patience to bond with your new gliders. And BOY will it take time. It has been about a week that I’ve had Momo and Pabu and I have been successful with these things: 108 more words


Five Ways of Bonding that are Working for Us

1. Using a specific noise then saying her name prior to handling her pouch. This little tip has helped us tremendously. I make the same noise the same way followed by her name in the same tone of voice every time before I handle her pouch, whether it’s simply to rub the pouch to say hello, unhook it to take in the tent, or to put her in her bonding pouch. 510 more words

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Two Ways of Bonding that Didn't Work for Us

The first way that didn’t work for Eris and I, was to leave Eris in her cage all day with the concept of allowing her to get enough sleep so she could be well-rested for tent time at night. 468 more words

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Oh, to Bond with a Sugar Glider, or Not

The biggest lesson I’ve learned when it comes to bonding is to have patience. Another is to not compare your situation to others you may see or hear about. 526 more words

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