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We try to hold onto Youth where we forget we can never change or alter Nature, Saying so many forget to Respect the Senior citizens as they belong to some other Galaxy, The Youth can try to bond the generation which has given this Futuristic generation uptill now, As it is the Youth’s turn to build from here One can listen to the Wisdom they have in Experience.


Summer of 2014

Despite the depressing weather here in Miami, I have to say that this summer was probably the most memorable so far. Many of my colleagues went off to different universities for weeks; others traveled to other countries, I on the other hand did no such thing. 75 more words

Bonding (a poem)

A beating heart made to cling

comfort warm silky, if but that proverbial hanger

enclosed by some fluff

a sock or synthetic fabric

a ribbon she wore in her hair… 141 more words


Antidote To Becoming Your Parents Or Child's Best Friend

children are our second chance to have a great parent-child relationship

Let’s all just admit that most teens find it hard to confine in their parents, but friends.

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Self Improvement

since when was it ok - from a son to a father

Since when was it ok……

Since when was it ok to not play games at my dad’s job.
Since when was it ok to make me write essays. 70 more words


Driving Home

Every day from the time I was 7 to the time I was 14, my Dad drove me 15 minutes to and from swim practice. Since we spent so much time in the car, we frequently ran out of things to talk about.  22 more words


Puzzle's and Sister's

Our daughters range in age starting at 23, 16, & 14. Age does not seem to be a factor when it comes to the very close bond they have.  281 more words