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Strange Reviews: Lungs

I eased myself into the high passenger seat of a large white suburban. We were men on a mission to see a brick building of interest. 1,715 more words


How I Met Him…

It was raining heavily outside, after finishing our dinner I and my younger sis in our room were chitchatting about our friends…also we were discussing about what we did whole day and all etc. 1,351 more words


My Japanese Wife And Her Fat Cat

This is my Japanese wife, Kaoru, with her favorite fat cat Cali. I will talk about being married to a Japanese in a future blog. This blog is dedicated to her pet and my pet peeve. 301 more words


Act Now! Get a Free Bonding Kit When You Buy a Sugar Glider in Houston

“There’s nothing more rewarding about owning a pet than getting to spend time together learning about each other, and slowly adapting to each other’s ways. Not only does it benefit us as pet owners to be able to enjoy our pets in this way, our pets themselves experience the benefit of finding someone they can trust to take care of and protect them. 103 more words

Awkward Family Photo

Time spent with family is a precious thing too often overlooked in the romp of everyday life. That’s why, in liu of the circumstances this summer, this post is my thank you letter to my aunt and cousins. 335 more words


Mother-Daughter Bonding

Nothing says “mother-daughter bonding” like breaking out the power tools and building a bookcase! Okay. We didn’t build it. But we did assemble it!

About a week ago, I started an early spring cleaning. 117 more words


Reflection of Day 189: July 08, 2014

Day off mid-ish way into the week so what do I do? I go hiking with some co-workers (two to be precise because no one else wanted to go haha)! 134 more words