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Resurrection of self

Hello beautiful people,

I trust that you all are doing well and enjoying the high holidays and taking excellent care of yourself.

I couldn’t think of a better time to write a post on resurrection of self than the eve of Winter Solstice. 281 more words

For Some Reason I am Compelled to Post this: Are you Sick? Then Read...


Traditional Foods 101: Bone Broth, Broth & Stocks

Bone broths are given special emphasis among traditional foods circles.  Preindustrial societies across the globe have always placed particular and special emphasis on the preparation of the whole animal – and that includes emphasis on using bones for making broth.   1,004 more words


Stuffs of great joy, slow cooker, sorrel, quince, fermented lemons, oh My!

Showering.  Yes!

Having work, even overflowing work, so much nicer than not enough work for a full paycheck.

Listening to my awesome boogiedown playlist while I: 485 more words

Nourish your gut: Step 4 Repair

The fourth and final step of the 4R approach is Repair, although I would like to suggest a fifth step; re-introduce but I will get to that later. 1,003 more words


Shepherd's Pie & Fizz The Ultimate Party Food

Tis the Season and when entertaining I find Shepherd’s Pie & Fizz a hard party to beat.   Shamelessly ‘borrowed’ from novelist, ex jail bird and Tory Chairman Jeffery Archer and his infamous Christmas Shepherd’s Pie and Krug parties. 693 more words