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And we have a diagnosis

Chondroid neoplasm.  This is what Wade the tumor is now officially declared.  Breaking it down – as I understood it – he is a low, grade malignant tumor made of cartilage.   697 more words

Biopsy results day - delaying the verdict

Today is biopsy results day. I’ve been asked several times if I think the doctor will call me with the results. And I actually hope not. 294 more words

Six Months

Today marks six months since the surgery I had to remove the giant cell tumor from my femur. It’s quite surreal. I still remember that day very vividly, in fact my life right now is marked by the days before… 636 more words

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Excited in Galveston

Six months ago I was getting ready to have surgery to remove the tumor from my femur in two days…right now I am packing my transition bag for my first triathlon since my surgery. 172 more words

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Filling in the blanks

Still lamenting the time lag between my last set of blog posts and this set. I have been writing, it’s just that nothing made it from my notepad to my blog–I still really do love a pen and paper, kind of like how some people still read books ;) But in order to set the world right, I will update you on some of the bigger milestones that happened between now and then. 318 more words

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How does it feel?

Since I posted my short update yesterday that I am indeed running again, I wanted to follow up and fill you in on some of the details. 259 more words

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No fooling...I'm running

I’m running…seriously I am. I often have to pinch myself as even I often don’t believe it. Less than six months post surgery and I can run–albeit not far or fast but running is running. 37 more words

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